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Iraqi football is currently in the middle of a downturn as the war continues in the land of 1001 nights. In fact, Iraq had been able to export its players to England in 1954.

The first Iraqi player to taste competition in Europe was Youra Eshaya Pera. The player born in 1933 managed to attract the attention of a Bristol Rovers talent scout, Flight Lieutenant RK Weston who finally succeeded in bringing Youra to Bristol.

Youra plays for Bristol Rovers Colt, Bristol Rovers' third team. Thanks to his good performances, he was called up several times to the Bristol Rovers reserve team.

Youra only played for two seasons in England. In 1956 he returned to Iraq, joining that country's Air Force team.

Other Iraqi Players Who Have Played In Europe:
Saeed “peter” Murad
1960s: Manchester United Reserves (England)

Zia Shawl
1961-62: Eintracht Frankfurt Amateur (West Germany)

Shiwan Ahmad Sadiq
1984-90: AC Moncalieri (Italy)
1990-91: Fulgor Salzano (Italy)

Ghassan Raouf Heamed
1994-95: Student Sports
1995-02: Assyrian FF (Sweden)

Malik Hasan Karim
1996-98: Versailles (France)
1998-99: Montalegre (France)
1999-00: GD Estoril Praia (Portugal)

Shwan Jalal
1998-99: Gillingham (England)
1999-01: Hastings Town (England)
2001-02: Tottenham Hotspur (England)

Ali Wahaib Shaniyn
1998: Otelul Galati (Romania)
1998: Ploiseszi Oil (Romania)

Karim Bovar
1999-00: Malmo (Sweden)

Col Halite
1999: IK Brage (Swedia)

Ibrahim Salem Saad
2000-01: Dubocica Leskovac (Yugoslavia)

Ali Raouf Hemed
2001-02: Assyrian FF (Sweden)


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