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Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico with a population of 3 million. As a city in Mexico, Guadalajara cannot be separated from the culture and language of Spain, which once colonized them for a long time. In football, Spain's role is small.

The club was first founded on May 8, 1906 by a Belgian, Edgar Everaert under the name Club Union. Since Everaert was also a fan of Club Brugger in Belgium, the Club Union uniform was made the same. Namely, the red-and-white stripe.

Edgar Everaert

Only in 1908, the club's name was changed to Guadalajara, after the city where it was founded. The reason Guadalajara turned out to have a good meaning. For the record, Guadalajara is also not from Spanish but Arabic, namely wad al hidjara , which means the river between the cliffs.

This philosophy is considered suitable for the Guadalajara club who want to flow through the cliffs, in order to achieve greatness. Surprisingly, his presence had become a mockery. Initially, Guadalajara was often shouted at by chivas (Spanish for children, and slang for a flock of goats).

The ridicule was not taken to heart. Even the word chivas eventually even made a proud nickname. Since the era of Mexican professional football in 1948, Guadalajara only found its greatness in the mid-1950s. The first championship title was won in the 1956-57 season.

Guadalajara 1956-57

Had experienced a financial crisis in the early 1990s, but was then rescued by the Promotea corporate group under Jorge Vergara. Since then, Guadalajara has come back big, even becoming one of the biggest clubs in Mexico besides Cruz Azul. Guadalajara has won the Mexican League 11 times.

Guadalajara is not like other Mexican clubs. This club has nationalism that is very proud of Mexico and is determined to be the locomotive for the progress of the country's football.

Guadalajara wants to be a symbol of the pride and greatness of Mexican football. Therefore, for a long time I have never used foreign players or coaches. The board of directors are native Mexicans. If you win, you will be proud that the success is purely the result of the hard work of your own country's children.

The style of football is not much different from those who are reluctant to adopt the character of other countries. Mexico must have its own football signature and must succeed with it. That's what Guadalajara wants to show.

Guadalajara's nickname is chivas (herd of goats)

So proud of being a native Mexican, this team is called the Congregation of the Holy (Spanish: Rebano Sagrado) because they carried out sacred missions for the pride and dignity of the Mexican people. Therefore, after Guadalajara beat another Mexican club, Pechucha, in the last 16 of the Libertadores Cup in 2005, Mexican daily Ovacion wrote, "Proud to be Mexico." Moreover, then beat Boca Junior 4-0 in Leg-1 Quarterfinals.

“Very proud. We are made up of real Mexicans and were able to put on a great game. We also played our own football," said Galindo, Guadalajara's coach at the time.

This ultranationalistic and anti-foreign player attitude is not the dominance of Galindo or the players. Likewise fans and club owner, Jorge Vergara. In fact, Vergara dared to criticize several Mexican clubs for using foreign players, such as Cruz Azul and Pechucha. According to him, they do not have enough self-confidence as Mexicans.

2006 Mexican League Champion

“They are more representative of America than Mexico. Very sad!" he said. "It's a shame that Mexican clubs don't trust indigenous players. We have to trust the real Mexican players. If not, how can we get a quality national team. You don't need foreign players to raise the bar for Mexican football," said Vergara.

That spirit is also the more energy of Guadalajara. They are never afraid, they even tend to be extraordinary when they meet a club with a big name. The spirit of the Holy Congregation cannot be underestimated.

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