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The use of gloves by goalkeepers was introduced by Amadeo Carrizo in the mid-1940s. However, the gloves worn at that time were still made of wool and were usually only worn in winter to reduce the sting of cold air that could freeze the fingers. Well, special goalkeeper gloves were only made in the 1970s, in 1973 to be precise.

At that time, Gebhard Reusch, who served as head of the Reusch glove company, collaborated with Sepp Maier, the goalkeeper for the West German national team, to design special gloves to improve the performance of goalkeepers. They conducted several tests on different materials to find the right glove.

In fact , Reusch only had one year's experience making special gloves for sports, especially skiing. Its main purpose is to protect the athletes from the cold weather and the terrain they are traversing. So, when deciding to make gloves for goalkeepers, the protective function was put aside because the function of helping to catch the ball came to the fore.

Reusch Brand Goalkeeper Gloves

What's unique is that Reusch isn't the only one who offered Maier a partnership. It turned out that the Bayern Munich goalkeeper had received a similar offer from Karl Krumpolz. But, because Krumpolz did not have his own factory, Maier then chose Reusch .

According to Maier, Reusch managed to make special latex gloves for him in just two days. These historic gloves are basically the development of rubber gloves that are commonly used in the health sector.

Sepp Maier with Reusch Products

The test of the new product in collaboration with Reusch and Maier took place at the 1974 World Cup. The results were positive. Maier as the main goalkeeper of the West German national team managed to bring Die Nationalmannschaft to become champions. In the final, Reusch 's gloves became one of the differences between the Jerbar national team and its opponent, the Netherlands. Understandably, Jan Jongbloed escorted the Dutch national team goal without gloves.

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