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1960 became the first party of football on the blue continent. The Soviet Union became the first country to make history by becoming a champion.

A total of 17,966 spectators who were at the Parc de Princes Stadium, Paris, France witnessed the success of the Soviet Union when they beat Yugoslavia 2-1 in the final match with extra time.

Coming from behind earlier by Milan Galic's goal in the 43rd minute, Metreveli was able to equalize when the second half had only been running for four minutes. Viktor Ponedelnik finally determined the success of the Soviet Union through his goal in the 113th minute after the score remained 1-1 in normal times.

In this first European Cup tournament, the competition used a knock out system . A total of 17 teams became contestants with several teams forced to be absent for various reasons, such as West Germany, Italy and England.

Each team that takes part will play home and away matches until the semifinals. After the four teams entering the semifinals are known, a new host is appointed.

The Soviet Union benefited from Spain's decision to refuse to compete at home to the team captained by legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin. As a result, the Soviet Union progressed to the semifinals without breaking a sweat.

USSR Becomes First Edition Euro Champion

The other three teams that entered the semifinals were Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and host France. Czechoslovakia failed to contain the Soviet Union and eventually lost 3-0, while Yugoslavia defeated the hosts 5-4. Milan Galic during this match also made history as the player who scored the fastest goal, which was in the 11th minute.

In the third place match, Czechoslovakia humiliated France with a score of 2-0. While at the top of the party, Ponedelnik became a hero of the Soviet Union with his goal seven minutes before the end of extra time. Lev Yashin et al won 2-1.

Euro 1960 finals
Host: France
Time: July 6-10, 1960
Team: 4
Champion: USSR
Runner up: Yugoslavia
Number of matches: 4
Total goals: 19 (4.75 per game)
Top scorers: Francois Heutte (France), Valentin Ivanov (Soviet Union), Viktor Ponedelnik (Soviet Union), Milan Galic (Yugoslava), Drazan Jerkovic (Yugoslavia) – 2 goals
Final: Soviet Union 2 Yugoslavia 1
Time: July 10, 1960
Place: Parc des Princes, Paris
Audience : 17,966
Score : 2-1
Goals: Galic 42' (0-1); Metreveli 49' (1-1); Ponedelnik 113' (2-1)
Referee : Ken Ashton (England)

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