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Was the use of red and yellow cards known when modern football appeared? The answer is no. New red and yellow cards were introduced in the 1970 World Cup.

However, his inspiration came at the 1966 World Cup. In the quarter-final between host England and Argentina. The referee who led the match was from Germany, namely Rudolf Kreitlein.

Due to a serious violation, the captain of Argentina, Antonio Rattin, was sent off by Kreitlein. However, Rattin did not understand what the German referee meant. He did not immediately leave the field.

The British referee who was on duty at the match, Ken Aston, then entered the field. With a little Spanish capital, he persuaded Rattin to leave the field. Because the referee who led the match, Rudolf Kreitlein, decided so. Because he only knew German and English, he had a hard time explaining his decision to Rattin.

Ken Aston

Because of this case, Ken Aston then thought. There should be universal communication that everyone knows right away, when the referee gives a warning to a player or sends him off the field. Thus, the referee does not have to make an explanation in a language that the player may not know.

One day, he stopped at a crossroads. Seeing the traffic light (red light), he then got an idea. Then he suggested that the referee be given a yellow and red card. Yellow card to give a strong warning or light sanction to players who commit violations. Meanwhile, red cards are for severe sanctions and players who commit serious violations must leave the field.

The idea was accepted by FIFA. At the 1970 World Cup, yellow and red cards were used for the first time. Ironically, throughout the 1970 World Cup, not a single player was shown a red card. Only a yellow card was posted. Thus, the red card could not "show off" at the 1970 World Cup.

Even though the idea came from an English referee, the country did not immediately implement it in their competition. Red and yellow cards were only used in English football competition in 1976. Because then the referee issued the card too easily and was protested by many players, its use was stopped in 1981 and 1987.

Interestingly, this idea was adopted by the sport of hockey. In fact, this branch uses three card colors, like a traffic light: green, yellow, and red. Green is for a warning, yellow is for temporarily evicting a player, and red is for permanently evicting a player.

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