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The Munich tragedy occurred at Munich-Riem airport, Munich, Germany on February 6, 1958. The accident occurred when British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from the mud that covered the runway. On board were the Manchester United players who shone at the time, nicknamed the "Busby Babes", along with a number of supporters and journalists. 20 of the 44 people on board died in the crash. The injured, some of whom were unconscious, were taken to the Rechts der Isar Hospital in Munich where 3 people died, leaving only 21 survivors.

The team was returning from a 1957–58 European Cup game in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, against Red Star Belgrade, but had to stop in Munich to refuel, as a result of Belgrade's non-stop journey to Manchester, which was out of range of the aircraft. Airspeed Ambassador class. After refueling, the pilots, Captain James Thain and Kenneth Rayment, attempted a maximum of two take-off attempts but had to abort both attempts because of boost surging. Fearing they would get too far behind schedule, Captain Thain rejected an overnight stay in Munich in favor of a third take-off attempt.

On the third attempt, it started snowing, causing a layer of mud at the end of the runway. When the plane hit the mud, it lost speed, rendering it unable to take off. The plane crashed into a fence and over the end of the runway, before the plane's wing hit a nearby house, tearing it. Fearing that the plane would explode, Captain Thain ordered the survivors to get as far away as possible. Despite this, Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg remained near the wreckage to pull survivors from the wreckage.

An investigation by West German airport authorities initially blamed Captain Thain for the crash, claiming that he had failed to remove frozen ice on the plane's wings, which was blamed for the crash, although statements to the contrary emerged from eyewitnesses. It was later established that the crash was, in fact, caused by slush and snow on the runway, which resulted in the plane being unable to attain the minimum speed for takeoff. Thain's name finally disappeared in 1968, ten years after the incident.

The tragedy became the darkest disaster in the history of MU. So, MU always remembers him. And, 6 February 2008 was exactly 50 years of the disaster which is often called the Munich Tragedy.

It was also a national tragedy for England. So, in the friendly match between the England and Switzerland national teams at Wembley, February 6 2008, all the players took a moment of silence to remember the victims of the accident, as well as sending prayers.

However, controversy erupted when MU played city rivals Manchester City on February 10, 2008. MU asked for a minute of silence to remember the tragedy, but some of the Man supporters. City refuses and threatens to disrupt. 6 February 1958.

To be sure, the tragedy became MU's worst nightmare. Thus, the club put on a gala event on the 50th anniversary of the Munich Tragedy. Pictures of the Busby Babes team adorn the Old Trafford Stadium. Various salvation was also carried out.

To commemorate this event, a plaque and a clock were made showing the time of the tragedy.

The Dead Victims
Captain Kenneth "Ken" Rayment, copilot (survived the crash but was badly injured and died three weeks later in hospital after sustaining a concussion)
Tom Cable, steward
Geoff Bent
Roger Byrne
Eddie Colman
Duncan Edwards (survived the crash, but died 15 days later)
Mark Jones
David Pegg
Tommy Taylor
Liam "Billy" Whelan
Walter Crickmer, club secretary
Tom Curry, trainer
Bert Whalley, head coach
Reporters and JournalistsAlf Clarke, Manchester Evening Chronicle
Donny Davies, Manchester Guardian
George Follows, Daily Herald
Tom Jackson, Manchester Evening News
Archie Ledbrooke, Daily Mirror
Henry Rose, Daily Express
Frank Swift, News of the World (also former England and Manchester City goalkeeper; died en route to hospital)
Eric Thompson, Daily Mail
Another passengerBela Miklos, travel agent
Willie Satinoff, supporter, and close friend of Matt Busby


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