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The English FA Cup, which was held for the first time in the 1871-72 season, is indeed listed as the oldest tournament in the world. However, speaking of the age of the trophy that is currently being contested, the FA Cup is apparently not the oldest. The reason is, the original FA Cup trophy disappeared in 1895. The trophy that is now being contested is the fourth trophy, aka the third replica, and began to be contested in 1992.

The oldest trophy that is still in existence and contested for is the Scottish Cup which was first contested in the 1873-74 season. The trophy itself was purchased from donations from clubs on Queen's Park's application letter to the Scottish Football Association (SFA). The letter basically asked the SFA to withdraw one pound from each club to buy the trophy they would later fight over.

Uniquely, Queen's Park was the first to win the trophy. In the final which was witnessed by 3,000 spectators, they beat Clydesdale with a score of 2-0. Until now, the champions would receive the original trophy, but would only take home a replica made to match the original trophy.

Throughout its implementation, only once has the Scottish Cup trophy not been handed over to the champion. That happened in 1909. At that time, Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers met in the final. At the first meeting, the match ended 2-2 so a replay was held .

Before the replay match , there was a rumor circulating that the SFA had actually arranged the score in order to make a lot of money from the replay match . This then angered the fans of the two clubs when the final replay was held on April 17.

When the final result was 1-1 and the organizers announced there would be no extra time, fans flooded the pitch and damaged the goals. They controlled the field for up to 2.5 hours.

Celtic and Rangers petitioned the SFA to have the game cancelled. Trophies and medals were not handed over. As compensation, SFA gave money 150 pounds for each side while Queen's Park got 500 pounds as compensation for damage to the field that occurred.

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