Minggu, 15 Januari 2023

The Relationship between Technological Advancement and Human Welfare Levels

Understanding Science and Technology
Science is an important provision for humans who want to achieve a goal that is expected. Science gives humans the basic knowledge to do something. While technology is the application of science that aims to solve problems and to overcome difficulties that may be encountered. Technological progress is something that we cannot avoid in this life, because technological progress will go hand in hand with scientific progress. Therefore, science and technology are two inseparable things in their role to meet human needs.

The role of science and technology to improve human welfare

Providing various facilities, especially those related to industrial and telecommunication activities. In the industrial sector, for example, before humans still used traditional equipment to plow the fields, now they are using machine tools. In the field of telecommunications, humans have been given the convenience to communicate via cell phones.
Facilitate dissemination of information. In the past, activities to obtain and expand information were still very difficult and slow because these activities were still carried out traditionally, such as using a letter. But now, it is easier for humans to obtain and expand information through both print and media

Increased knowledge and insight. Along with the development of science and technology, electronic equipment such as computers, internet, and cellphones have become mushrooming objects. Where not only certain people are able to use it, even children under the age can use it.
Provision of clothing, food, shelter, and improvement in the health sector.

Negative impact of science and technology development

Influence one's mindset. Indonesian people are aggressive and curious and like new things. With the development of science and technology in the current era of globalization, it can have an impact on a person's mindset without knowing the age limit. What's more, every day our society is presented with various broadcasts that are less useful than sharing electronic media.
Loss of traditional culture. The development of science and technology involves the loss of traditional culture such as buying and selling activities that were formerly known as traditional markets and have now turned into modern markets. not only that, the association of children and adolescents is now leading to promiscuity.
The number of various damage. With advances in technology, Indonesia, which is known to be full of trees, is now full of high-rise buildings. As a result, traditional activities are paralyzed, forests are deforested, causing many kinds of disasters such as floods, landslides and pollution everywhere. This is the impact that must be received by our society to our children and grandchildren.

By paying attention to the development and progress of the times, the utilization and mastery of science and technology is absolutely necessary to achieve the welfare of the nation. Besides that, the development of science and technology in various fields in the midst of an increasingly rapid development of the times should be able to improve the quality of human resources.

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