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Bung Hatta's Inspirational Story from the Story of His Three Daughters

The Story of Bung Hatta from His Three Inspiring Daughters - There have been many books that have written, discussed and dissected Bung Hatta's inspiration. Bung Hatta , who became Indonesia's first vice president, has given us many examples that he never lived a luxurious life. It's not imaginary that there are some people who compare like today's officials who want their salary to rise to meet their personal needs.

Bung Hatta's Inspirational Commitment to Indonesia Bung Hatta had made a commitment before independence that he would not marry and in the end he kept his promise until he married after 3 months of Indonesia's independence. Bung Hatta's dowry when proposing to Mrs. Rahmi (Bung Hatta's wife), namely a book entitled The Greek Mind. For Bung Hatta, the dowry was something special that was not bought by the usual. From this marriage three daughters were born, namely Meutia Farida Hatta, Gemala Rabi'ah Hatta, Halida Nuriyah Hatta.

Bung Hatta and the Story of ExtortionLooking at the current phenomenon, law enforcers are incessantly fighting extortion on every front. In fact, Mohammad Hatta had already practiced when he became Vice President in 1956, Bung Hatta's family finances were increasingly critical. The pension money he gets is very small. In the book "Hatta's Human Personality, Series 1," Mrs. Rahmi recounts that Bung Hatta was once angry when his son suggested that the family put a bowl as a place for money donated by visiting guests.

Bung Hatta's exampleTold by his three children ( bung Hatta ) on one of the national television stations on a talk show, he said that he found a picture of bally shoes on one of them. Until the end of his life, he had never bought bally shoes. This inspires us that the number 2 person in Indonesia has set an example of how he is more concerned with the needs of his family than his personal needs.

In the end, I hope that the story of Bung Hatta from his three inspiring daughters can become a role model for us. Please leave a comment below, maybe you have a story about Bung Hatta that many people don't know. 

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