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Tips on Becoming a Successful Career Woman When Married

Tips on Becoming a Successful Career Woman When Married - Based on a release issued by the Religious Courts in recent years, divorce has experienced a fairly high increase. One of the causes of divorce between husband and wife is because the woman has a career . This is quite natural if a man wants his spiritual needs to be met in life but instead a woman is working, this can also cause divorce. There are some circles of compassion who debate about matters surrounding career women. Actually what is called a career woman, how to become a successful career woman. In my article this time will discuss about this.

Definition of Career WomanThe definition of a career woman is an independent woman who works to fulfill her own needs and to actualize herself both in the public and domestic spheres. The patriarchal culture that has developed a lot in Indonesia so far places women or women in the house only serving their husbands and looking after the children. So when there are women who have careers there is a kind of skepticism from society, but lately the view has begun to shift that women have the right to have a career outside the home.

Housewives are called Career Women?So that a woman who becomes a housewife is not considered a bad woman. Because a woman who is a housewife is considered unable to produce something or produce, in contrast to a man who works outside the home is considered productive. A person is considered to have a career if he makes money in the sense of supporting the economic aspects of household needs or holding certain positions in the public sphere.

If women are allowed to work, they must be bound by several conditions, namely:1. Let the work itself be prescribed. That is, the work is not illegal or can bring about something illegal, such as women working to serve single men, or women being special secretaries for a director who for reasons of their activities often khalwat (together), or being a dancer who stimulates lust just for the sake of dredging worldly gain, or working in bars to serve liquor-even though Rasulullah SAW had cursed those who poured it, brought it, and sold it. Or become a flight attendant on an airplane by serving intoxicating drinks,

traveling long distances without being accompanied by a mahram, spending the night in a foreign country alone, or carrying out other activities that are forbidden by Islam, both specifically for women and specifically for men, or for both.

2. Fulfill the etiquette of Muslim women when leaving the house, in dressing, walking, talking, and making gestures.

3. Do not neglect other obligations that cannot be neglected, such as obligations towards your husband or children, which are your first and main duties.

Tips for Career Women when MarriedA woman curries the result of avoiding Mudharat arising from the job taken.
Can divide time between career and serve husband to take care of needs between husband and wife.
Putting the needs of husbands and children first so that a harmonious household atmosphere is maintained.
I hope career women are not too ambitious in pursuing life targets. However, it does not eliminate the potentials of career women.Any woman must want to be a career woman so that her husband does not look down on her. But regardless of this, women must be in harmony with their obligations and rights in the household. Maybe that's what I can say about career women, I hope the tips for career women that I provide can be useful for friends to maintain harmonious household relationships. Please leave a comment below to provide suggestions to the editor. Thanks.
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