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The Definition of Deponering and Its Legal Consequences

The Definition of Deponing and Its Legal Consequences - Recently, there has been a lot of news published in the mass media regarding the deponering of former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Commissioners Abraham Samad and Bambang Widjojanto. The granting of deponering by the two former KPK immediately raised pros and cons in the public.

For those who have been involved in politics and law, they must have understood very well the meaning of deponering and the legal consequences it may have. For ordinary people like me, I need to look up the meaning of the word deponering. To find out, I look for references in various references. And the result is as follows:

Definition of DeponeringDeponering means freezing or setting aside a case. This means that a case is stopped or closed forever even if there is a change in leadership.

Deponering Authority Deponering is a mechanism owned by the Attorney General's Office to set aside criminal cases in the public interest. The Attorney General stopped the investigation citing the safety of the nation.

Deponering PurposesTo stop or set aside matters for the public good.

Enough of my explanation about deponering. However, I gave a little introduction in closing my article. Whereas the deponering policy owned by the Attorney General immediately received a response from the aggrieved parties by submitting a judicial review of Article 35 letter c of the Attorney General's Law on Deponering Authority to be sued to the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

source: kingilmu

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