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One factor in the success of a world champion team is of course the figure standing under the crossbar, the goalkeeper. Their contribution is indeed often forgotten, even though without the presence of a qualified goalkeeper, it is quite difficult for a team to win. The maturity of a goalkeeper is usually very decisive. No wonder coaches often trust mature goalkeepers.

Enrique Ballesteros

In the history of the World Cup, only twice has a team been able to win by relying on a young goalkeeper. First when Uruguay won for the first time in the first event. At that time, they relied on Enrique Ballesteros, who was only 25 years old.

Bodo Illgner

In years, he became the youngest goalkeeper to bring a team to become world champions. It was only in Italy in 1990 that the record was broken when West Germany became champions. The mainstay of coach Franz Beckenbauer at that time was Bodo Illgner, 23-year-old FC Koeln goalkeeper .

Dino Zoff

Meanwhile, the Italian goalkeeper when he won the 1982 World Cup, Dino Zoff, is currently the oldest goalkeeper. Meanwhile, the only goalkeeper who won the world title twice with the title of main goalkeeper was Gilmar Santos (Brazil) in 1958 and 1962.
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