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12 Characteristics of an Annoying Boss, Remember That

Jeff Fermin (2014) in an article published in the Huffington Post argues for 12 Characteristics of an Annoying Boss …

Jeff Fermin (2014) in an article published in the Huffington Post argued about the 12 Characteristics of an Annoying Boss, which he also called terrible characteristics. The following is a brief explanation of the twelve characteristics:

1. Controlling

An annoying boss is one who doesn't understand how to motivate people and make those around him better. He controls more of his employees to always be busy working and continuing to work, without being accompanied by an explanation why they have to work.

2. Not firm

An obnoxious boss is one who has the characteristics of a delusional, not firm with his desire to complete a particular job because he is unable to analyze the situation and make decisions carefully, and cannot read the possible final results.

3. Stubborn

An annoying boss is someone who always thinks he is right, doesn't want to hear other people's opinions. He does not realize that basically everyone in the office has the potential to participate in advancing the company or organization.

4. Resist Change

An annoying boss is he who chooses to be stagnant, does not have the courage to make certain process changes in his workplace. He was unable to offer new concepts that would allow his employees to work better and increase the satisfaction of his customers.

5 . “Micromanagement”

An annoying boss is one who constantly pays attention to the little things, which can damage the motivation and quality of work of his employees. He does not give autonomy and freedom to his employees to complete their tasks better.

6. Lead by Spreading Fear

An annoying boss is one who uses old-fashioned management tactics, namely by casting threats and fear on his employees when they are unable to complete big tasks, such as dismissal. We often watch films about a boss threatening his subordinates and this usually happens to criminal organizations or the mafia. Modern work prototypes are far more liberal and humane, do not use fear as a form of management and can place and respect employees as whole human beings.

7. Having No Vision

An annoying boss is one who is unable to see the long-term journey of the organization and only focuses on short-term improvements, whether related to products/services, work environment, or even conflicts.

8. Favoritism

An annoying boss is one who exhibits nepotism in the workplace, especially when putting someone in a big position. He is unable to separate personal friendship from business.

9. Arrogant

Similar to a stubborn, annoying boss, he is arrogant, pretending to be the most powerful person in the world. He doesn't realize that in an organization, everyone has to work together as a team.

10. Angry

The next annoying characteristic of a boss is that he thinks that because he has gained a position of power, he can berate, belittle, and treat others arbitrarily when he does something wrong.

11. Throwing Errors

An annoying boss is someone who always blames and blames employees when something goes wrong in the organization. A true leader is able to correct every single mistake of his own, and even more impressive, he often seeks to take responsibility for the mistakes his employees have made, because he realizes that he has not been able to correct them.

12. Driven by Emotions

Finally, the characteristic of an annoying boss is that he whose every action is driven by emotion, often makes decisions based solely on belief or gut feeling, without clear arguments. Great leaders can usually make decisions using data to support their reasoning.


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