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Here are 10 Devil's Requests to God

Devils or demons are God's creatures just like us humans, but humans are different from devils, starting from the manufacture to the purpose of living in the world, devils are made from hell fire while humans are made of soil

Prophet Adam was the first human to live in this world, since before the creation of Prophet Adam, the Devil had actually been created first. This was seen when Prophet Adam was revealed to this earth. The Prophet Adam was revealed to the face of the earth because the devil had been able to tempt Prophet Adam to do something reprehensible, so that Allah became angry and ordered Prophet Adam to worship Allah by lowering Prophet Adam to earth.

The task of Satan in tempting humans as reflected in the story of Prophet Adam will continue as long as humans live in this world until the hereafter. The Devil tempts humans because the Devil is looking for a friend to invite to the Hellfire. The Devil's temptations to humans are many, starting from the temptations of lust to small temptations, all of these temptations will make humans do reprehensible things that will lead to sin. This sin will make humans go to Hell.

Even though the Devil is hated by Allah SWT, the Devil has a request to Allah and finally Allah grants the request. If you are curious, here are 10 devil requests that God fulfilled.

1. The Devil asks that humans share their wealth, like humans don't pay zakat, eat from usury and the Devil wants to get into food that is not mentioned by the name of Allah.

2. The devil asks himself to always join with people who have sex with husband or wife without protection from Allah (Zi*na).

3. The devil asks Allah to take them along with people who travel without a good purpose.

4. The Devil asked Allah to make the bathroom that humans use as his home.

5. The Devil asked Allah to make the market his mosque.

6. The Devil asked Allah to make Syair as his Qur'an.

7. The devil asks Allah to make drunk people sleep with him.

8. The devil asks God to give you a brother, that is, for humans who spend their wealth on evil ways, that is the devil's brother.

9. The devil asks God that they cannot be seen by humans, but they can clearly see humans.

10. The devil asks God that they can enter into human blood and tempt people to do reprehensible things.

So, those are some of the Devil's requests that God has granted, all of these requests if we understand more deeply, we will get a very big lesson, namely the Devil is always around us and tempts us to always do evil.

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