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Spread it! Chronology of Jesus Killing Dajjal

We already know that at the end of time, Prophet Isa AS will descend to earth. The arrival of Prophet Isa will awaken the people who embraced the book he held before (the Bible) so that many of them convert to Islam. Not only that, Prophet Isa was also tasked with being in the ranks of the Muslims to kill the biggest enemy of Muslims, Dajjal.

The first job that Prophet Jesus AS will do is face the Dajjal. After coming down Isa AS went to Baitul Maqdis where Dajjal was besieged by Muslim forces. Jesus commanded them to open the door. In Sunan ibn Majah, Sahih Ibn Khzaimah, and Mustadrak al-Hakim it is narrated from Abu Umamah that the Messenger of God SAW said, "Isa AS called out, 'Open the door!' They then opened it and behind the door was Dajjal with 70,000 Jews, all of whom were carrying swords and shields. When Dajjal looked at Isa, he melted like salt melts in water, then ran away. Isa AS chased him to the East Ludd gate, then killed him, and God defeated the Jews," (Sahih al-Jami' ash-Shaghir, VI, p. 275, no 7752).

In Sahih Muslim it is narrated from Abu Hurairah that Rasulullah SAW informed about the descent of Isa AS and his prayers with the believers, then said, "When the enemy of Allah saw Jesus, he melted like salt melts in water. If Isa let him, he would melt to death. However, Allah killed him by the hand of Jesus, so that Jesus would show them the enemy's blood in his battle."

The secret of Dajjal's defeat is that God gave Jesus AS a special smell that if the infidels smelled, he would die. In a long hadith in Sahih Muslim from An-Nawwas ibn As-Sam'an, the Prophet SAW said, "When he was in such a state, God sent Isa ibn Maryam. Jesus descended on the white tower east of Damascus, in clothes dyed with Wars and Saffron, while hanging with both hands on the wings of two angels. If Jesus moved his head, water would drop and if he raised his head, silver grains like pearls would fall from him. Every unbeliever who smells its scent will die... Isa chased the Dajjal to the gate of Ludd and killed him. Then Isa wiped their faces and told them their degrees in heaven."

The secret why Isa AS did not let Dajjal die alone was to break the power and slander of that creature. By witnessing his killing and death, people have become convinced that Dajjal is a weak and defeated being, and his claims are bogus and deceitful. []

Source: Encyclopedia of Doomsday/Works: Dr. 'Umar Sulaiman Al-Asyqar / Publisher: Serambi

Ref: www.islampos.com

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