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In Islamic society, unity and oneness or more commonly referred to as ukhuwah Islamiyah is something that is very important and fundamental, moreover this is one measure of true faith. Therefore, when the Prophet migrated to Medina, the first thing he did was Al Muakhah, namely to make friends from Makkah or emigrants with friends who were in Medina or the Ansar.

This means, When a person or a community believes, then the Islamic brotherhood that is based on faith should manifest itself in everyday life, Allah SWT said: Verily, believers are brothers, so make peace between your two brothers and fear Allah so that you may receive mercy (QS 49:10).

One thing that must be remembered is that, when ukhuwah Islamiyah is about to be strengthened or even strengthened, there are attempts by people who do not like Muslim brotherhood, they try to damage relations among fellow Muslims by spreading slander and various false news.

In the life of the Muslim community, we admit that ukhuwah Islamiyah has not yet formed ideally, but the enemies of this ummah do not like it when ukhuwah exists, they keep trying to hinder it. Therefore, whenever there is bad news, we should not immediately believe it, but do tabayyun or research the truth of the news first, Allah SWT says: O you who believe, if the wicked person comes to you with news, then check it carefully. so that you do not inflict a calamity on a people without knowing the circumstances so that you will regret your actions (Qur'an 49:6).

Asbabun nuzul (the reason for the revelation of the verse) mentioned above is, once Al Harith came to the Prophet Muhammad, he invited him to convert to Islam, even after converting to Islam he expressed his will and ability to convert to Islam. pay zakat. To the Prophet, Al Harith stated: "I will return to my village to invite people to convert to Islam and pay zakat and when the time comes, send a messenger to pick it up." However, when a lot of zakat had been collected and the time agreed upon by the Apostle arrived, his messenger had not yet arrived. So Al Harith and his entourage departed to hand over the zakat to the Prophet.

Meanwhile, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, sent Al Walid bin Uqbah to collect zakat, but in the middle of the journey, Al Walid's heart felt frightened and conveyed an untrue report, namely that Al Harits did not want to hand over the zakat funds, in fact he was going to kill him. The Prophet did not just believe, he sent several other companions to meet Al Harits.

When the messenger met Al Harits he said: "We have been sent to you". Al Harits asked: "Why?". The companions replied: "Indeed the Messenger of Allah has sent Al Walid bin Uqbah, he said that you do not want to give zakat and even want to kill him".

Al Harits replied: "By Allah who sent Muhammad in truth, I did not see him and nothing came to me". So when they reached the Prophet PBUH, he asked: "Is it true that you are withholding zakat and want to kill my messenger?", By Allah who has truly sent you, I did not do that. So the verse came down.

Surah Al Hujurat: 6 above uses the word naba' not khabar. M. Quraish Shihab in his book A Glimmer of Divine Light, page 262 distinguishes the meaning of the two words. “The word naba' shows “important news”, while khabar shows “news in general”. The Al-Qur'an gives instructions that news that needs attention and investigation is news that is important. As for minor issues, nonsense and news that are not useful, they do not need to be investigated, they don't even need to be listened to because they will only take up time and energy.

Given the position of ukhuwah Islamiyah which is so important, then maintaining it becomes something that is very emphasized. Besides having to check the truth of a bad news that concerns our Muslim brothers.

There are a number of things that we must avoid so that ukhuwah Islamiyah can be maintained, Allah SWT said: O you who believe, do not make a people make fun of other people (because) maybe they (who are being ridiculed) are better than them (who make fun of) and don't women make fun of other women (because) maybe women (who make fun of) are better than women (who make fun of) and don't reproach yourself and don't call calling with bad titles. The worst call is a bad (call) after faith and whoever does not repent, then they are the wrongdoers. O you who believe, stay away from most prejudices, Indeed, some prejudices are sins and you should not look for other people's faults and do not gossip about others. Does one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Then of course you feel disgusted with him. And fear God. Indeed, Allah is Accepting repentance and Most Merciful (QS 49:11-12).

From the verse above, there are six things that we must avoid so that ukhuwah Islamiyah is maintained:

First, Making fun, both between individuals and between groups, both with words and with sign language because this can cause hurt feelings, anger and hostility. If we don't like being made fun of, then we shouldn't make fun of them, especially if the person we make fun of is worse than ourselves.

Second, Swear or insult other people with hurtful words, especially if the insult is not something true. Humans who like to insult mean to humiliate others, and he will fall in dignity.

Third, Calling other people with titles that are not liked. Physical deficiencies are not a reason for us to call other people with that physical condition. We don't have to call people who are short, people who are fat we don't have to call them fat, and so on because calls like that are not something pleasant. It is also not permissible to call people with bad character traits even though they really have that trait, for example because person A often lies, so he is called the liar, even though now his character is already honest but the title of liar still sticks with him. Therefore do not call someone with bad titles.

Fourth, prejudice, this is an attitude that stems from envy (hasad). As a result, he is prejudiced if someone gets pleasure or success. Such an attitude must be prevented because it will lead to other bad attitudes that can damage the Islamic ukhuwah.

Fifth, finding fault with others, this is because there is no need for us, it is better for us to find fault with ourselves so that we can improve ourselves.

Sixth, Gossip by talking about other people's circumstances which, if he knows, of course he doesn't like it, especially if it involves someone's personal secrets. When we know other people's secrets that they don't like if other people know about it, then it becomes a mandate for us not to talk about it.

From the description above, we can conclude that when we desire Islamic brotherhood to materialize, then we must avoid anything that can damage it. When ukhuwah is realized, not only fellow Muslims can benefit from it, but also humanity and the universe, because Islam is a religion that brings mercy to the whole world. Therefore realizing ukhuwah Islamiyah is an important requirement in this life.

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