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Be careful, the Devil Misleads Men With Women

By Hartono Ahmad Jaiz

The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said,

The wall between the eyes of the jinn and the human genitalia when someone enters the latrine is when he says Bismillaah. (Reported by Ibn Majah in the Book of Thoharoh / 242)

Satan and his army are beings whose souls are polluted constantly. They are always peeking nakedness and ugliness. The Devil had taken off the clothes of Adam 'alaihis salam and his wife while the two of them were in heaven. Then in this world the Devil, his wadya balanya, and his party strip the clothes of piety from the human soul, and take off the clothes that cover the genitals from the body. So that nakedness becomes a real sight that is considered normal, while exposing genitalia has become commonplace among humans without any hindrance.

But if indeed we remain steadfast in following Islamic law, then nothing like that will happen. The devil can't even reach the places where we have to open our genitals, the devil can't see it (because there is a prayer like the one above). So all praise be to Allah who has made dhikr and the priority of surrendering to Him as a deterrent for the eyes of the devil's line and his party. (See Hasan Ahmad Qothomisy, Al-Mumukaah As-Shiro' ma'as Syaithon wa Hizbihi, Daru Thibah Ar-Riyadh 1415H/1995, cet I, p. 147)


Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:

Verily, the woman faces forward in the form of a devil, and backwards in the form of a devil (also). (HR Muslim Juz 10 Book of Marriage, p. 177).

It is narrated from Jabir that the Messenger of God saw a woman and he came to his wife, Zainab, who was rubbing the skin (of an animal) that he wanted to tan, then he fulfilled his desire (to have a relationship with the wife), then he went out to his friends and said: Indeed, the woman faces the face in the form of the devil, and (faces) the back in the form of the devil. So when one of you sees a woman, let him come to his wife, because that reverses what is in him (ie the excitement of lust). In another narration, that the Prophet saw a woman, then the narration mentions as before, only he said, then he came to his wife, Zainab, and she was rubbing the skin that wanted to be tanned,

Mujahid, may God have mercy on him, said: When a woman faces forward (comes), Satan sits on her head and adorns it for those who see her, and when she faces backwards (leaves), Satan sits on her back and beautifies her for those who see her. (Al-Qurthubi, Al-Jami' li Ahkaamil Quran, vol. 12/227)

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam also warned:

Truly the world is sweet and green. And verily Allah made you caliphs in the world, then Allah watches over how you act. So take care of yourself about the world and take care of yourself about women. So actually the disaster / slander of the Children of Israel is in the case of women. (HR Muslim Juz 17 Book of Riqoq p. 55).

The words of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the Sahihain Book:

I do not leave slander / disaster that is more dangerous for men (besides the danger of slander) than women. (Al-Fath juz 9 , Hadith 5096, and Muslim juz 18 p. 54)

Sa'id bin Al-Musayyib Rahimahullah said, If the devil is desperate about something then he must then come to something from the woman. Sa'id also said again, "There is nothing that I fear more on my side except women. (Siyaru 'a'laamin Nubalaa' Juz 4 / 237)

If Satan is desperate in certain matters, then he will launch the temptation from the direction of women. What Sa'id bin Al-Musayyib Rahimahullah said in reality now looks real. It is common knowledge that there are projects that are managed using female bait. That's a satanic practice. So Sa'id, who at the time of the Companions did not have the habit of the devil model like now, he was most afraid of women.

And the hadiths about women are sometimes long, that is none other than because women are the most accursed Satan followers. Satanist women are the ropes and intermediaries for the followers of Satan. How could it not be, while the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam has preached that women are the most inhabitants of hell, and they do not enter hell except for following the devil and his soldiers. And it is not human to follow the devil except because the devil has taken control of them. And the devil does not rule except with a lot of immorality and sin. While the power of Satan and his party considers sins and immorality to be beautiful and good.

In the Hadith it is stated:

The woman is aurat, so when she goes out, she is targeted by the devil. (Sahih Hadith Sunan Tirmidhi no 936, and Thabrani in Al-Kabier juz 3/64, and see Al-Irwaa' no 273)

Women as one of the devil's means to destroy

The devil offers slander to women to mislead and destroy. The Qur'an has narrated examples of calamities/slander through women. Among the stories are:

1. Satan's temptation to the Thamud through women

Ibn Jarir and others from the scholars of the Salaf (generations of Companions, Tabi'ien, and Tabi'ut Tabi'ien) mentioned that two women from the Thamud, one of them Shoduq daughter Al-Mahya bin Zuhair bin Al-Mukhtar, she was a nobleman and rich. While she was under a husband who had converted to Islam, this woman divorced her husband. Then this woman invited her uncle's son, who was called Mashro' bin Mahraj bin Al-Mahya, and this woman offered herself to the man who was her uncle's son if he dared to kill a camel (Prophet Salih 'alaihis salam).

The other woman was `Unaizah bint Ghanim bin Majlaz nicknamed Umm 'Uthman. He is old and an infidel, has 4 daughters from his husband, Dzu'ab bin Amru, one of the chiefs of the people. Then this old woman offered her 4 daughters to Qadar ibn Salif if he dared to kill a camel, then he would get whatever daughter he wanted. Then two young men (Mashro' and Qadar) rushed to kill the camel, and tried to find friends in their people. So 7 other people responded to his invitation, so the total is 9 people. They are what is mentioned in the word of Allah subhanahu wata'ala:

And it was in that city, nine men who did mischief on earth, and they did no good. (QS. An-Naml[27] :48)

And they tried to all the tribes and propaganda to kill the camel, then they welcomed it and agreed to kill the camel. Then they set out to stalk the camels. When the camel emerged from the herd that went to the water, then Mashro' hid to ambush him, then threw an arrow at him and stuck it in the camel's leg bone. And the women came to persuade the tribe to kill the camel, while the women opened their faces (from their veils) to encourage their tribe. Then Qadar bin Salif preceded them to harden (hit) his sword on the camel, the tendon in its heel was severed, then the camel fell to the ground. / 127, Al-Kamil fit Taariekh Ibnul Atsier juz 1/ 51-52).

Women who encourage Mashro' are the wives of leaders, while those who encourage Qadar are wives of officials too. As for Qadar bin Salif himself, he is a leader, so they are all elite people.

The first woman has presented herself to Mashro', while the second woman has presented her daughters to Qadar. And the women of the tribe had come out by persuading the people to kill the camels by exposing their faces. Indeed, there has been a slander of the woman as a way for the Devil to enter the princes, and the Devil leaned on with them to kill the camel which is a verse from Allah subhanahu wata'ala which was conveyed to His prophet, Shalih 'alaihis salam.

Thus it appears to us, the authorities (the elites) are in agreement, both men and women.

2. The head of the Prophet Yahya 'alaihis salam was decapitated for a prostitute

It was said to Ibnu Umar radhiyallahu 'anhu by Asma' bint Abu Bakar radhiyallahu 'anha somewhere in the Haram Mosque. That's how it was when Ibn Zubair, may God be pleased with him, was crucified, then Ibn Umar turned to Asma and said: This body (of your son) is actually nothing, while the one in the presence of God is his spirit. So fear Allah subhanahu wata'ala and be patient.

Then Asma 'answered, What prevented me (to be patient), while the head of Yahya bin Zakaria'alaihis salam (alone) had actually been gifted to a prostitute from the Children of Israel. (Siyaru A'laamin Nubalaa' juz 2/ 294, Al-Fashlu fil Milal 4/ 57, Al-Muhalla juz 2/22, 'Audul Hijaab juz 2/195, and the people are trusted, the news is still for stories., Al-Mumukaah p. 80).

The fact of this story is that Asma' bint Abu Bakr radhiyallahu 'anhuma said that the Prophet Yahya 'alaihis salam was killed because of (the request of) a prostitute. Here we see the pinnacle of the devil's power over elite people with sexual desires where he killed a prophet of Allah, namely Yahya bin Zakaria 'alaihimas salam. Even though the books of date differ in the details of the event, it's just that the point is; There was a king at that time in Damascus who wanted to marry some of his mahrams or women who were not lawful for him to marry. Then the Prophet Yahya 'alaihis salam prevented him, while the woman wanted the king, then there was a (obstacle) that settled in the soul of the woman and the king against Prophet Yahya 'alaihis salam. So when between the woman and the king there was romance, the woman asked to be given Yahya's blood, then the king would give it to her. So the king sent people to come to Nabi Yahya 'alaihis salam and kill him, and bring Yahya's head to the woman! (See Tarikh At-Tabari j 1/ 346-347, Al-kamil Ibnu Atsir j 1/ 171, Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah j 1/49)

Such is the condition of the cursed people who do not restrain themselves from killing the prophets of God. How are they not cursed? While the Prophets of God are the torchbearers of guidance and the bearers of the banner of truth and Monotheism, while the cursed devil is the bearer of the banner of hell and the banner of disbelief and polytheism. (Quoted from Al-Muwajahah as-Shiro' ma'as Syaithon wa Hizbihi by Hasan Ahmad Qothomisy, Darut Thibah Ar-Riyadh cet I, 1415H / 1995 AD)

3. Al-Aziz's wife and Yusuf `alaihis salam

Allah subhanahu wata'ala says:

"And the woman (Zulaikha) that Yusuf lived in his house tempted Yusuf to submit himself (to her) and she closed the doors, saying: 'Come here, Yusuf said, I take refuge in Allah, indeed my master has treated me well. Verily, the wrongdoers will not prosper."

"Indeed the woman had intended (to do the deed) with Yusuf, and Yusuf also intended (to do it) with the woman if he did not see a sign (from) his Lord. Thus, so that We turn away from him evil and abomination. Indeed Yusuf is one of Our chosen servants."

"And the two of them raced towards the door and the woman pulled Yusuf's robe from behind until it was torn and both found the woman's husband at the door. The woman said, "What is the revenge for a person who intends to commit adultery with your wife, other than being imprisoned or (punished) with a painful punishment?" (QS Yusuf [12] : 23-25)

The words of Allah subhanahu wata'ala again:

"So when the woman's husband saw Yusuf's robe torn on the back he said: Verily (the incident) was among your deceptions, in fact your (woman's) deception is great."

"(Hey) Yusuf: Turn away from this, and (you wife) beg for forgiveness for your sin, because you are indeed among those who do wrong." (QS Yusuf [12]: 28-29)

Indeed, the story of Yusuf 'alaihis salam is the greatest example in explaining the concentration of the devil over the ruling class, and the devil dominates them in terms of sexual desires through women. Until the boy who was bought was then seduced to commit adultery with his master's wife. Allah shows evidence of how the devil seduces through women the chosen human being, namely Yusuf as, who is hereditary is the highest among the prophets. (See the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Anbiya')

Because the Prophet Yusuf as is a prophet, son of the prophet, son of the prophet, son of the prophet. Namely Prophet Yusuf as, son of Prophet Ya'qub as, son of Prophet Ishaq as, son of Prophet Ibrahim as. In terms of religious firmness, Yusuf, who was cared for by his master in Egypt, was a future prophet, namely a person trusted by Allah SWT to bring messages to his people. However, the devil tries to work on people who are noble in terms of religion and heredity, so that they will fall into despicable acts, adultery; it's just that Allah swt kept saving him. As a result, Yusuf was imprisoned for not fulfilling the wishes of the ruler's wife. So, people who save themselves from despicable and dirty deeds, are actually imprisoned.

The story of ahsanal qoshosh, as good as it is said by Allah SWT in a special letter in the Qur'an, the letter of Yusuf, of course, so that it becomes a warning. By reading the verses about the story there is no need for additional information. But here we see a picture of the top class (at-thobaqotur rooqiyyah) in the past thousands of years, as if the devil's evil action through women is what exists today too, freely in directing sexual perversion, and the tendency to cover it up from society. And this is the importance of all those stories. (From Hartono Ahmad Jaiz's book, Sources for Destroying Islamic Morals, Pustaka Nahi Munkar, Surabaya- Jakarta, 2010)

source: afdhalilahi

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