Rabu, 07 Juni 2023

You Must Know, How God Gives His Creatures Fortune

There are 4 ways Allah gives sustenance to His creatures:
1. FIRST LEVEL OF FORTUNE (WHICH IS GUARANTEED BY GOD) "There is no animal (including humans) that moves on this earth that is not guaranteed by Allah its sustenance." (QS. 11: 6) )

This means that Allah will provide health, food, drink for all living things in this world. This is the lowest basic sustenance.

2. SECOND LEVEL OF FORTUNE "No man gets anything except what he has done" (QS. 53: 39)

Allah will provide sustenance according to what he does. If he works two hours, get two hours of results. If they work longer, are more diligent, are more knowledgeable, are more earnest, they will earn more. It doesn't matter if he is a Muslim or a non-believer.

3. THIRD LEVEL OF FORTUNE "... Indeed, if you are grateful, We will certainly increase (favors) to you, if you deny (My favors), then indeed My punishment is very painful." (QS. 14: 7)

This is the sustenance that Allah loves. People who are good at being grateful will be able to feel God's love and get more sustenance. That's God's Promise!
People who are good at being grateful can live happily, prosperously and peacefully. His efforts will be very successful, because Allah always adds.

4. FOURTH PROSPERITY (FOR BELIEVERS AND PEOPLE) ".... Whoever fears God, He will provide for him a way out. And give him sustenance from a direction he did not expect. And whoever puts his trust in God, God will satisfy his (needs).
Indeed, Allah carries out His (desired) affairs.
Indeed, Allah has made provision for everything."
(QS. Ath-Thalaq/65:2-3)

This fourth rank of fortune is a special fortune, not everyone can achieve it.
This special person (muttaqun) is a person who is truly loved and trusted by Allah to prosper or manage Allah's wealth on this earth.

Wallaahu'alam.. Pekanbaru, Your best friend

Happy Picking up Fortune...

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