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On this occasion I will share tips on making unique brooches but in a simple way. Immediately, these are the tools, materials, and how to make them:

Tools and materials:

- Tools: Pencil, scissors, brooch pin, sewing needle.
- Materials: Thread, white and brown cloth, green ribbon, beads. Ways of making:

1. Make a circle pattern on the white cloth as you wish, be it size
or number.
2. Cut the pattern, and cut the ribbon along the diameter of the pattern, then
sew the ribbon in the middle of the pattern.
3. Fold the pattern into 2 parts then sew/stitch the edges.
4. Pull the stitches so that they form wrinkles (forming
flower petals).
5. Make a circle pattern that is smaller in size than the first pattern on the
brown cloth.
6. Do steps like numbers 3 and 4.
7. Combine the flower petals from the white and brown ingredients so that
form 1 flower.
8. Sew a piece of ribbon in the middle of the white flower.
9. Sew back the brown flower on top of the white flower and then add a bead in the
10. Sew the brooch pin on the back of the white flower.
11. The unique brooch is finished and ready to use (see the results in the image
above). That's all for my article this time, good luck and good luck! Don't forget to leave a comment ok...

source: putua

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