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SEO friendly blog is a dream for bloggers. Blogs that are SEO friendly will be easily detected by search engines and have a high chance of occupying the first page on search engines. That way, there will be a lot of blog visitor traffic and of course a lot of income from the advertisements that are displayed on the blog. However, many of the bloggers do not know about this, so they become desperate and the blog becomes neglected or neglected. For this reason, this time I will discuss my article about effective ways to make your blog “seo friendly”.
Here's how:

1. Giving a blog title
Giving a title to a blog is very important because the blog title is the prefix of a blog that determines the discussion of the blog. The title of the blog must match what is discussed by the blog. For example, the title of the blog is "Seo Tricks Tips", then some of the articles or subject matter of the blog are related to blog seo tutorials.

2. Giving a blog description
This is as important as giving a blog title because it concerns what the blog discusses. The description of the blog must have something to do with the discussion of the blog itself. Besides that, the sentences given for the description of the blog, try to be as unique as possible.

3. Quality blog articles
A blog must have articles. However, you may not just make an article. The article must be of high quality or quality which will also affect the SEO level and rating of the blog. Some of them are like giving the title of the article. The title of the article must be related to the content of the article. Besides that, the repetition of keywords or keywords in an article also affects the ranking of the article on search engines. However, with the condition that you don't do too many repetitions because you are worried that you will be penalized by the Google Sandbox The use of standard language is also necessary, because apart from affecting the level of SEO, it also affects the sooner or later confirmation of registration on Google Adsense.

4. Use a blog template that is "seo friendly".
This is just as important as the methods above. Many bloggers use templates that are unique, good, cool but not seo friendly. Templates that are SEO friendly are highly favored by Google and affect the rating level of your blog. So it's useless if your articles are of high quality but your blog template is not SEO friendly.
source: putu

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