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Let's Read, This is the Complete Story of Prophet Adam AS


After Allah swt created the earth with its mountains, its seas and its plants, created the sky with its sun, moon and glittering stars, created its angels, which are a kind of subtle beings created to worship as intermediaries between the Almighty and the servants. servants, especially his messengers and prophets, then came the will of Allah swt to create another type of creature that would inhabit and fill the earth, maintain it, enjoy its vegetation, manage the wealth hidden in it and breed heirs throughout the time that was destined for him.

Angels' Worries.

When the angels were informed by Allah swt of His will to create the other creatures, they feared that the will of God created the other creatures, due to their carelessness or neglect in worship and carrying out duties or because of transgressions they committed without realizing it. They said to Allah swt: "O our Lord! Why did God create other creatures besides us, while we always glorify, glorify, perform worship and glorify Your name without ceasing, while the creatures that God will create and bring down to earth , they will fight with each other, they will kill each other fighting to dominate the wealth of nature that is visible on it and hidden in it, until there will be damage and destruction on the earth that God created."

God said, dispelling the angels' fears:
"I know what you do not know and I myself know the wisdom of the control of the Son of Adam on my earth. When I have created it and breathed the spirit into it, you prostrate before the new creature as a form of respect and not as a form of worship, because Allah swt forbid His servant to worship His fellow creatures."
Then Adam was created by Allah swt from a lump of clay, dry and black shaped mud. After the shape was perfected, the spirit of God's creation was blown into it and he stood upright as a perfect human being.

Defiant Devil.

The Devil disobeyed and was reluctant to obey God's commands like the other angels, who immediately prostrated themselves before Adam as a tribute to God's creatures who would be given the mandate to rule the earth with all that lives and grows on it and is buried in it. , more important and greater than Adam, because he was created from the element of fire, while Adam from the ground and mud. His pride with his origins made him arrogant and felt humbled to bow down to respect Adam like the other angels, even though he was ordered by God.

God asked Satan: "What prevents you from bowing down in honor of something that I have created with My hands?"
The devil replied: "I am more noble and superior than him. You created me from fire and created it from mud."
Because of his arrogance, arrogance and disobedience to perform the commanded prostration, God punished Iblis by expelling him from heaven and removing him from the ranks of angels with curses and curses that will stick to him until the Day of Judgment. In addition, he is declared to be an inhabitant of hell.

Iblis arrogantly accepted God's punishment and he only begged that he be given the opportunity to live forever until the day of resurrection again on the day of resurrection. God approved his request and it was postponed until the day of resurrection, not thanking and grateful for the assurance, even the other way around he threatens to lead Adam astray, as the reason he was expelled from heaven and removed from the ranks of angels, and will come to his descendants from all corners to persuade them to leave the straight path and travel with him on the wrong path, inviting them to commit immorality and things which is forbidden, tempts them to neglect the religious orders and influences them not to be grateful and do righteous deeds.

Then God said to the cursed Iblis:
"Go with your followers who will all be the contents of Hell and the fuel of Hell. You will not be able to lead astray My servants who have believed in Me with all their hearts and have a firm belief that will not be shaken by your appeal even if you using all your skills to incite and slander."

Adam's Knowledge of the Names of Things.

God wanted to remove the low opinion of the angels towards Adam and convince them of the truth of His wisdom by appointing Adam as the ruler of the earth, so Adam was taught the names of the things in the universe, then those things were demonstrated in front of the angels saying: Try to tell me the names of those things, if you really feel that you know more and understand better than Adam."
The angels were powerless to meet God's opposition to mention the names of the objects that were in front of them. They acknowledged their inability by saying: "Glorious are You! Indeed, we have no knowledge of anything except what God has invited us to do. Indeed, You are All-Knowing and All-Wise."

Adam was then commanded by God to tell the angels those names and after Adam told them, God said to them: "Didn't I tell you that I know the secrets of the heavens and the earth and know what you bring forth and what you hide. "

Adam Lives in Heaven.

Adam was given a place by God in heaven and for him Eve was created to accompany him and be his life partner, relieve his loneliness and complete his natural needs to develop offspring. According to the story of the scholars, Eve was created by Allah from one of Adam's ribs on the left while he was still sleeping so that when he woke up, he saw Eve was already beside him. He was asked by an angel: "O Adam! What and who are the creatures that are in beside you?"

Adam said: "A woman." In accordance with the nature that God had inspired in him. "What is her name?" asked the angel again. "Eve", replied Adam. "Why did God create this creature?", asked the angel again.
Adam replied: "To be with me, to give me happiness and to fill my life's needs according to God's will."
God told Adam: "Stay with your wife in heaven, enjoy the abundant pleasures in it, taste and eat the delicious fruits found in it to your heart's content and to your heart's content. You will not experience or feel hungry, thirsty or tired as long as you are in it. But I remind you not to eat the fruit of this tree that will cause you misery and be among the wrongdoers. Know that the devil is your enemy and the enemy of your wife, he will try to persuade you and drag you out of heaven until the happiness that you are enjoying is gone."

The Devil Begins to Act.

In accordance with the threat uttered by God when he was expelled from Heaven due to his disobedience and also driven by envy and jealousy towards Adam which was the reason until he was cursed and cursed forever removed from the throne of his greatness. Iblis began to show his plan to mislead Adam and Eve who are living together in a peaceful, peaceful and happy paradise.

He declared to them that he was their friend and wanted to give advice and guidance for the good and maintain their happiness. All the subtle ways and words were used by Iblis to gain the trust of Adam and Eve that he was completely honest in his advice and guidance to them He whispered to them that God's prohibition to them eating the fruits indicated was because by eating the fruit they would become angels and live forever. He repeated his persuasion by showing the fragrant smell of the forbidden tree, the beautiful shape of the fruit and It tastes delicious. Until in the end Adam and Eve swallowed that subtle persuasion and violated God's prohibition.

God condemned their actions and said which means: "Did I not prevent you from approaching the tree and eating from its fruit and did I not remind you that the devil is your real enemy."
Adam and Eve heard God's words and realized that they had violated God's command and that they had committed a mistake and a great sin. While regretting they said: "O our Lord! We have wronged ourselves and have violated your command because of Satan's persuasion. Forgive our sins because we will surely be among the losers if you don't forgive and love us."

Adam and Eve Lowered To Earth.

God has accepted the repentance of Adam and Eve and forgiven the transgressions they have committed which has relieved their chests and removed the sadness due to the neglect of God's warning about the Devil so that they fell prey to his sweet but poisonous persuasions and appeals.

Adam and Eve feel calm again after receiving God's forgiveness and will further take care not to be deceived by the Devil again and will try to make the transgression that has been committed and cause God's wrath and admonishment to be a lesson for both of them to be more careful in dealing with deception and persuasion The accursed devil. The hope of staying in heaven that has faded due to the act of violating God's commandments, lives again in the hearts and minds of Adam and Eve who feel the enjoyment and happiness of their life in heaven will not be disturbed by anything and that God's pleasure and mercy will remains abundant on them forever. But God has determined in His destiny what did not cross their hearts and did not think of them. God swt

Adam and Eve came down to earth to face a new way of life that is far different from the life in heaven that they have experienced and that will never happen again. They have to live in this mortal world with its joys and sorrows and will bring down a human race with a variety of characteristics and His character is different in the color of his skin and the intelligence of his brain. The human race will be grouped into tribes and nations where one becomes the enemy of the other, killing each other, persecuting them and oppressing them until from time to time God sending His prophets and messengers to lead His servants to a straight path full of peace and love among fellow human beings, a path that leads to His pleasure and human happiness in this world and the hereafter.

The story of Adam in the Koran.

Al_Quran tells the story of Adam in several surahs including surah Al_Baqarah verse 30 to verse 38 and surah Al_A'raaf verse 11 to 25

Lessons from the story of Adam.

That the wisdom contained in God's commands and prohibitions and in what he created is sometimes not or has not yet been achieved by the human brain even by his closest creatures as experienced by the angels when they were told that God will create humans - descendants of Adam to be His caliph on earth until they seem to object and wonder why and for what God created other types of creatures than those who have obeyed and diligently worshiped, glorified, glorified and glorified His name.

That humans, even though they have been blessed with mental fitness and physical and mental strength, they still have some weaknesses in themselves such as negligence, forgetfulness and mistakes. What has happened to Prophet Adam that even though he has become a perfect human being and is blessed with a special position in heaven, he is still not spared from those weak human characteristics. He has forgotten and neglected God's warning to him about the forbidden tree and about the Devil. who became his enemy and the enemy of all his descendants, until he was trapped into deception and the first transgression committed by humans against God's prohibition occurred.

That a person who has already committed a sin and committed a sin should not despair of God's mercy and forgiveness as long as he is aware of his mistake and repents and will not do it again. The mercy of God and His forgiveness can include all sins committed by His servants except shirk no matter how great the sin is as long as it is followed by repentance and confession of guilt.
Arrogance and arrogance always lead to loss and destruction. Look at the Devil who came down from his throne, stripped of his position as an angel and expelled by God from heaven with curses and curses that will stick to him until the Day of Judgment because of his arrogance and his pride in his origins until he considered and looked down on Prophet Adam and refused to bow down to respect him even though he was commanded by Allah swt

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