Rabu, 23 Agustus 2023

Let's Read, This is the Complete Story of Prophet Ilyasa AS

He is the son of Prophet Ilyas' uncle. Carrying out preaching after the death of Prophet Ilyas. Therefore, in preaching he adheres to the shari'a and method of Prophet Ilyas. The Qur'an does not explain about Prophet Ilyasa. Just explained.

"And remember Ishmael, Ilyasa, Dzulkifli. They are all among the best people." (QS Shaad: 48)

This prophet is one of the best servants of God. It is said that this prophet is mentioned in the Torah book. Among his miracles is bringing the dead back to life.

Ilyasa is a messenger from among the Children of Israel from the same lineage as Moses, Harun and Ilyas. The name Ilyasa is mentioned in the story of Ilyas, when the apostle was chased by his people and hid in Ilyasa's house. So it is very likely that Ilyasa also lived around the Jordan river valley. When Ilyas hid in his house, Ilyas was still a youth. At that time he was suffering from pain. Ilyas helped cure his illness. After recovering, Ilyasa became Ilyas's friend who always accompanied him to call to the path of goodness. Ilyasa continued the task as soon as Ilyas died. Ilyasa then discovered that humans turned out to be so easy to go back astray. That happened shortly after Ilyas died. Although the people of the Jordan river valley had time to follow Ilyas' call to abandon their worship of idols. It was in that circle that Ilyasa never tired of calling to the path of goodness. It is said that they still did not want to listen to Ilyasa's call, and they again endured an extraordinary drought disaster

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