Rabu, 15 November 2023

Rasulullah SAW commanded us to speak good words, or be silent. This means that if you can't afford it, then you should just keep quiet.

Silence alone has many advantages. In the book Muraqi Ubudiyyah written by a great scholar, Shaykh Muhammad Nawawi Al-Jaawi, it is stated that there are 7 benefits of silence. The seven benefits are as follows.
1. It is worship without having to work hard or make an effort

In Arabic it is أولها أن الصمت عبادة غير أولها أن الصمت راحة غير عناء. Silence can be said to be a very easy act of worship. We just need to be quiet, don't have to do anything and it doesn't cost anything.

2. It is personal decoration without jewelry

In Arabic it is والثاني زينة من غير حلي. Even without jewelry, people who remain silent because of knowledge will be decorated.

3. Authority without power

The Arabic language is والثالث هيبة من غير سلطان. Often we find that people who are silent are actually more authoritative than those who are loud.

4. A fortress without walls (always under control without the need for guards or guardians)

Shaykh Muhammad Nawawi Al-Jaawi wrote with the sentence والرابع حصن من غير حافظ. People who are silent will always be protected from various things that might occur if they are not silent.

5. There is no need to apologize to anyone for what you said

The fifth is to avoid apologizing to people

Because you didn't say anything cruel, because you chose to remain silent, of course those who are silent don't need to apologize to anyone. Shaikh Muhammad Nawawi Al-Jaawi wrote in Arabic sentences like this.

6. Angels who record deeds rest and don't get tired

The sixth is to provide relief to the honorable writers

Even angels have time to rest in the silence of silent people.

7. Covering the evils and aspects of ignorance and personal shortcomings

The seventh is a cover for his faults

Silence will always cover one's ignorance and shortcomings. So, it would be better to choose silence if we are afraid that our shortcomings will be exposed. (mii/afdhalilahi)

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