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Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Ash Radhiyallahu 'anhu: Prominent Scholar of Hadith.

He is one of Abadilah who is a jurist, he embraced Islam before his father, then migrated before the conquest of Mecca.

Abdullah is an ascetic worshiper, fasts and prays a lot, while studying the hadith of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace.

The number of hadiths he narrated reached 700 hadiths. After asking the permission of the Prophet Shallahu 'alaihi Wassalam to write, he recorded the hadiths he heard from the Prophet. Regarding this, Abu Hurairah said, "There is no one who memorizes the Prophet's hadith better than me, except for Abdullah bin Amr bin al-Ash. Because he took notes while I didn't".

Abdullah bin Amr narrated a hadith from Umar, Abu Darda, Muadz bin Jabal, Abdurahman bin Auf, and several others. Those who narrated from him include Abdullah bin Umar bin Al-Khatthab, as-Sa'ib bin Yazid, Sa'ad bin Al-Musayyab, Thawus, and Ikrimah.

The most authentic Sanad that originates from it is that narrated by Amr bin Syu'aib from his father and grandfather Abdullah. Abdullah bin Amr died in 63 AH on the eve of the siege of Al-Fusthath.

Disalin dari Biografi Abdullah bin Amr dalam Al-Ishabah no.4838 Ibn Hajar Asqalani, Thabaqat ibn Sa’ad 4/9

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