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Abu Hurairah is the companion who narrated the most hadiths of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, he narrated 5,374 hadiths.

Abu Hurairah embraced Islam in the year 7 AH, the year of the war of Khyber, the Prophet himself gave him the nickname "Abu Hurairah", when he saw him carrying a small cat. The nickname from Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wassalam was only because of his love for him.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala answered Rasulullah's prayer so that Abu Hurairah would be blessed with a strong memory. He really memorized the most among the other friends.

At the time Umar bin Khaththab was Caliph, Abu Hurairah was an official in Bahrain, because he narrated many hadiths, Umar bin Khaththab once challenged him and when Abu Hurairah narrated the words of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wassalam: "Whoever lies in my name deliberately, let him prepare his ass to be licked by the fire of hell ”. Then said Umar, you can go and tell the hadith.

Syu'bah bin al-Hajjaj noticed that Abu Hurairah narrated from Ka'ab al-Akhbar and narrated from the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, but he did not distinguish between the two narrations. Syu'bah also accused him of committing tadlis, but Bisyr bin Sa'id rejected Syu'bah's statement about Abu Hurairah. And firmly said: Fear God and be careful about the hadith. By God, I have seen us often sitting in Abu Hurairah's assembly. He narrated the hadith of the Prophet and also narrated to us the narration from the Ka'ab al-Akhbar. Then he stood up, and I heard from some of the people who were with us exchanging the Prophet's hadith with the narration from the Ka'ab. And the one from the Ka'ab became from the Messenger of Allah.". So the tadlis is not sourced from Abu Hurairah himself, but from someone who narrated from him.

Suffice it to say that we heard from Imam Shafi'I: "Abu Hurairah was the person who memorized the most hadith narrations of his time".

Marwan bin al-Hakam once invited Abu Hurairah to write a narration from him, then he asked about what he had written, then Abu Hurairah replied: "No more and no less and the arrangement is massage".

Abu Hurairah narrated the hadith from Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman, Ubai bin Ka'ab, Uthman bin Za'id, Aisyah and other friends.

While the number of people who narrated from him exceeded 800 people, consisting of companions and tabi'in. among others from the narrated companions are Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Umar, Jabir bin Abdullah, and Anas bin Malik, while among the tabi'in are Sa'id bin al-Musayyab, Ibnu Sirin, Ikrimah, Atha', Mujahid and Ash-Sha'bi.

The most authentic sanad based on him is Ibnu Shihab az-Zuhr, from Sa'id bin al-Musayyab, from him (Abu Hurairah).

The most Dlaif is as-Sari bin Sulaiman, from Dawud bin Yazid al-Audi from his father (Yazid al-Audi) from Abu Hurairah.

He died in the year 57 H in Aqiq.

Copied from the Biography of Abu Hurairah in Al-Ishabah Ibn Hajar Asqalani No. 1179, Tahdzib al 'asma: An-Nawawi 2/270

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