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His full name is Zaid bin Thabit bin Adh-Dhahak bin Zaid Ludzan bin Amru, he converted to Islam when he was 11 years old when the Battle of Badr occurred.

His life journey.

The Prophet handed over the flag of Bani Malik bin an-Najjar to 'Imarah as commander of the Tabuk war, then the Prophet took it and handed it over to Zaid bin Thabit. When he asked for it, the Imara asked, "O Messenger of Allah, will you hand over something you gave me?". He replied, "No, but the Qur'an should come first, and Zaid bin Thabit is more proficient in reciting the Qur'an than you".

Zaid is also a writer of revelations for the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace.

When Umar became the Caliph he was appointed as the amir (governor) of Medina 3 times in the capital or in the central region of power, and he was also assigned to collect the Qur'an on the orders of Abu Bakr and Umar as explained in the history narrated by Bukhari: "Zaid bin Thabit said "I was told to appear before Abu Bakar regarding the murders committed by the people of Yamamah, and at that time there was Umar bin al-Khatthab in front of him. Then Abu Bakar said, "If the war continues to rage, many Muslim people will be killed, many Quran memorizers in this country will be killed, where eventually many parts of the Quran will be lost, so that the Quran will be recorded, I share the same view as Umar, you are an intelligent and young man, so search and collect (Mushaf) al-Quran".

Zaid bin Thabit is a scholar whose position is the same as the scholars from among the other companions, the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, "My Ummah who has mastered the science of Faraidh the most is Zaid bin Thabit".

Another story that is similar is found in the narration of Imam an-Nasa'I and Ibnu Majah, where the Prophet said, "The most loving of my people is Abu Bakr, the strongest witness before God is Umar, the one whose shame is most acknowledged is Uthman and the one who dominates the most faraidh is Zaid bin Thabit".

When Zaid bin Thabit died, Abu Hurairah said, "The best man of this nation has passed away, may God make Ibn Abbas his successor."

His death

He died in Madinah in the year 45 AH at the age of 56 (in other accounts he died in the year 51 AH or 52 AH)

Copied by Zaid bin Thabit in the biography of Shafwah ash shafwah ibnu Jauzi, Al-Istia'aab Ibn Al-Barr

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