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His full name is Sa'id bin al-Musayyab bin Hazn al-Quraisy al-Makhzumi, his father and grandfather were companions of the Prophet Shallallahu alaihi wassalam, he was born before Umar became the caliph, since he was young he traveled day and night to get the hadith of the Prophet.

About him as said by Ahmad bin Hanbal is: "He is the most important tabi'in".

While Makhul said: "I have traveled the earth to seek knowledge, it turns out that I have not met anyone smarter than Sa'id bin al-Musayyab".

Meanwhile Ali bin al-Madini stated: "I don't know that among the tabi'in there is anyone with more extensive knowledge than him, in my opinion he is the greatest tabi'in."

The scholars narrated that he gave his daughter in marriage to Kutsayyir bin Abi Wada'ah for only a dowry of two dirhams.

Although previously he rejected the proposal of Abdul Malik who wanted to marry his daughter to al-Walid bin Abdul Malik. And when Abdul Malik wanted to pledge allegiance to his son al-Walid, Hisham bin Ismail as Abdul Malik's successor in Medina hit Sa'id bi al-Musayyab and confronted him with a sword, to force him to pledge allegiance but Sa'id still did not want to .

Ibn Musayyab narrated the hadith from Abu Bakr in Mursal, and he heard it from Umar, Uthman, Abu Hurairah, Zaid bin Thabit, Sayyidah Aisyah and several others. Those who narrated from him include Salim bin Abdullah, Az-Zuhri, Qatadah, Shuraik, Abu az-Zanad.

He died in 94 H.

Copied from the Biography of Ibn al-Musayyab in Thabaqat Ibn Sa'ad 5/88

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