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Abu Dzaar al-Ghifari's real name is Jundab bin Junadah, attributed to his grandfather Junadah who came from Ghifar, he was a Kinani.

Abu Dzarr is a person who worshiped before the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, was sent. He was the fifth friend who first converted to Islam, He was able to Hijrah after the Khandaq war

Abu Dzarr was an ascetic who never saved food for tomorrow. However, during Uthman's reign, he invited people to establish a kind of Baitul Mal, this was driven by a sense of humanity, but Uthman bin Affan was not interested in this idea and then he exiled himself to Rabadzah and remained there until his death. At the time of his death, Ibn Mas'ud happened to pass by Rabadzah and pray for his body.

Abu Dzaar narrated the hadith from Umar, Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar and others. Those narrated from him include Al-Hanaf bin Qais, Abdurahman bin Ghanam and Atha'.

The most authentic sanad based on it is the one narrated from the people of Syria from Sa'id bin Abdil Aziz, from Rabi'ah bin Yazid, from Abu Idris al-Khaulani, from Abu Dzarr.

Abu Dzarr narrated 281 hadiths

He died in the year 32 H.

Disalin day biografi Abu Dzarr dalam al-Ishabah Ibn Hajar Asqalani VII/60, Thabaqaat Ibn Sa’ad IV/161

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