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Knowing the Makkiyyah and Madaniyyah Letters Following the Differences

The difference between Makkiyyah and Madaniyyah

The letters in the Qur'an can generally be divided into Makkiyyah letters and Madaniyyah letters.

There are several opinions about the definition of these two types of letters or verses. Some say that the Makkiyyah are the verses that were revealed before the migration. While the Makkiyyah are the verses that were revealed after the Hijrah.

There are also those who say that Makkiyyah means verses or letters that were revealed in Mecca and its surroundings, even after the migration. While Madaniyyah letters are letters or verses that were revealed in Medina and its surroundings.

Which opinion is the most correct, wallahu'alam.

Characteristics of the Makkiyyah Letter

Surat makkiyyah can be marked through the following characteristics:

1. Surat Makkiyyah day prayer, O people, O son of Adam

2. In his letter there is the word कला

3. Makkiyyah letters begin with hijaiyyah letters such as ن and ق. Also like Alif Lam Mim, Alif Lam Ra, Ha Mim etc., except surah al-Baqarah and Ali 'Imran, while surah al-Ra'd is still disputed

4. In Surah Makkiyyah there is a story of Prophet Adam and the Devil, except in Surah Al-Baqarah.

5. In the Makkiyyah letter there is a story of the previous people.

6. In Surah Makkiyyah there is a verse of prostration and recitation.

7. Most of the Makkiyyah verses give a harsh warning to the hard-hearted people of Mecca.

Characteristics of Surat Madaniyyah

1. Surah Madaniyyah begins with ياايها النيع امن

2. The verses contain mandatory commands.

3. In the Makkiyyah surah there is the law of Had.

4. Tells about hypocrites.

5. Many contain or warn the Jews about the weakness of their strength.

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