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The towering, triangular-shaped building is believed to have various analyzes regarding the mystery of its construction. Built during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu in 2560 BC, it seems that controversy continued until the end of the 19th century.

Scientists are confused about how a pyramid was built? This is because the technology for lifting large stones that can reach thousands of kilograms to the tops of buildings had not been discovered in his time. What is the secret behind this pyramid construction?

The December 1, 2006 edition of the American Times newspaper, published scientific news confirming that the Pharaohs used clay to build pyramids! According to this research, it was stated that the stone used to make the pyramid was clay that was heated to form a hard stone that was difficult to distinguish from the original stone.

Scientists say that the Pharaohs were skilled in chemistry in processing clay into stone. And this technique is very secret if you look at the codification of the numbers on the stones they left behind.

Professor Gilles Hug, and Michel Professor Barsoum confirmed that the largest pyramid at Giza was made of two types of stone: natural stone and stones made manually, aka processed clay.

And in research published by the magazine "Journal of the American Ceramic Society" it was confirmed that the Pharaohs used slurry soil to build tall monuments, including pyramids. Because it is impossible for a person to lift a stone weighing thousands of kilograms. Meanwhile, for the base, Pharaoh used natural stone.

The mud is a mixture of lime mud in a furnace which is heated with salt water vapor and manages to create water vapor to form a clay mixture. Then the preparation is poured into the space provided on the pyramid wall. In short, the mud that has been processed according to the desired size is burned, then placed in the place provided on the pyramid wall.

Professor Davidovits has taken the largest pyramid stone for analysis using an electron microscope on the stone and found traces of a rapid reaction which confirms that the stone is made of mud. So far, without the use of an electron microscope, geologists have not been able to differentiate between natural stone and artificial stone.

Using this method of making a large stone, it took the professor ten days until it resembled the original stone.

Previously, a Belgian scientist, Guy Demortier, had spent years searching for answers to the secret behind the creation of the large stones at the tops of the pyramids. He also said, "After years of research and study, I am now convinced that the pyramids in Egypt were made using clay."

The discovery by French Professor Joseph Davidovits of pyramid stones which turned out to be made from processed mud took around twenty years. A long study of the Bosnian pyramid, the “Pyramid of the Sun” and explains that the stones are made of clay! This confirms that this method was widespread in the past. (Image of a pyramid stone).

A picture was used in casting the ancient stones of the flowing sun pyramid in Bosnia, and the scientific truth says that it is very clear that this particular method of casting stones derived from clay has been known since thousands of years ago in different civilizations whether Romanian or Pharaonic!

The Qur'an turns out to have the answer first

If you understand it more deeply, it turns out that the Koran has revealed this 1400 years before they revealed it, pay attention to the following verse in the Koran:

"And Pharaoh said: 'O leader of my people, I do not know a God for you other than me. So, Haman, burn the clay for me and then build me a tall building so that I can go up to see the Lord Moses, and I am truly convinced that He is among the liars." (QS. Al-Qashash: 38)

Subhan Allah! Amazing evidence shows that the giant buildings, giant statues and pillars found in high civilizations at that time, were also built from clay! The Koran was the first book to reveal the secrets of pyramid building, not American and French scientists.

We know that the Holy Prophet did not go to Egypt and never saw the pyramids, perhaps never even heard of them. The story of Pharaoh took place before the time of the Prophet, thousands of years ago, and no one on the face of the earth at that time knew about the secrets of the pyramids. Prior to this, scientists were not sure that the Pharaohs used clay and heat to build tall monuments except in recent years.

Miraculous, 1400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, many years after the end of the Pharaoh's dynasty told that the Pharaoh built a monument that would later be called the Pyramid using clay.

This statement is very clear and strongly proves that the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not speak according to his own desires but the guidance of God who created Pharaoh and drowned him, and He also saved Prophet Moses... And He also informed His last Prophet of this scientific fact, and this verse becomes a witness to the truth of his prophethood in the future!!

Subhanallah! It is something that can only be understood by people who are not just intelligent, but also use their intellect. Wallahua'lamu

Al-Habib Hasan Bin Jafar Assegaf, Chairman of the South Jakarta Nurul Musthofa Council (islampos)

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