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In addition to obligatory prayers, there are sunnah prayers that are additional acts of worship
for Muslims to reap rewards. There are Sunnah Salat Tahajud, Rawatib, Dhuha and so on. All these sunnah prayers have their own merits.

The following Sunnah Salat also has a surprising priority. Not Tahajud as a prayer-granting sunnah prayer, or Dhuha to invite sustenance. But this prayer has a priority that is also unmatched.

Even in a history, Rasulullah SAW said that its virtues are better than the whole world and its contents. Unfortunately, not many of us regularly perform these sunnah prayers. What is meant by sunnah prayer? Here's the summary.

It turns out that this sunnah prayer is a two-rakat dawn prayer. Prophet Muhammad SAW always performed this prayer in a simple way. Hafshoh ra said "When dawn has risen, usually the Messenger of God SAW does not perform other prayers except a short prayer of two rak'ahs (that is,

sunnah of dawn)” (HR Muslim).

How did the Prophet SAW not routinely perform this sunnah prayer, when he knew very well how Allah SWT would reward him with such a special reward, which is beyond the world and its contents.

Aishah ra informed, Prophet Muhammad SAW said "Two rak'ah sunnah fajr is better than the whole world and its contents" (HR Muslim).

How can we deny this, when the knowledge was given by the person who is the source of knowledge of the universe, Prophet Muhammad SAW who was told directly by Allah SWT.

For lovers of the world, this will of course be studied scientifically, etc., but not for the followers of the Prophet Muhammad, who believe in the last day. That the words of Rasulullah SAW alone seem to be enough, without needing to concern ourselves with scientific proof.

Performing this sunnah prayer is also very easy. The time is almost the same as the morning prayer. In another Muslim history, it is stated that Rasulullah SAW performed this prayer during a short period of time, namely between the Fajr call to prayer and Iqamah.

The execution procedure is also the same as the regular Sunnah prayer. But in this surah, the Prophet used to recite Qul yaa ayyuhal Kaafiruun in the first rak'at and Qul huwallohu ahad in the second rak'at.

Abu Hurairah stated "Usually in the sunnah sunnah fajr rak'ah, in the first rak'ah the Prophet SAW recited Qul yaa ayyuhal Kaafiruun, and in the second rak'ah recited Qul huwallohu ahad" (HR Muslim)

As Muslims, it is best to follow the worship carried out by the Prophet. He is the one who knows best, because Allah sent down all knowledge to him.

Source: Infoyunik.com/tausiah Agamaislam

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