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Friend, has the sentence above crossed your mind? As a good Muslim, of course you do not dare to answer the question above if it is not based on knowledge, because you will be held accountable in the afterlife. Allah 'Azza wa Jalla says,

And do not ignore that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, hearing, sight, and the heart are all of these for which He will be questioned.

"And do not follow what you have no knowledge of. Verily hearing, sight and heart, all of them will be asked for responsibility" (Al-Israa`: 36).

So, to understand the answer to the question above, pay attention to the following verses of the great Qur'an. Allah 'Azza wa Jalla says,

Indeed, Allah is the Provider, the Possessor of Power, the Sustainer.

"Indeed, Allah is the One who gives sustenance in abundance, who has strength and is very strong" (Surah Adz-Dzaariyaat:58).

And provide for us, and You are the Best of Providers

"Give us sustenance, and You are the most important provider of sustenance" (Al-Ma`idah: 114).

Indeed, Allah is the Best of Providers

"And indeed Allah is the best provider of sustenance" (Al-Hajj: 58).

And God is the Best of Providers

"And Allah is the Best Provider of sustenance" (Al-Jumu'ah: 11).

(Fiqhul Asma`il Husnaa, hal. 103).

Every creature that walks on the face of the earth is given sustenance, as Allah Ta'ala says,

And there is no living creature on earth except for God’s provision.

"And there is not a single creature that walks on the face of the earth but it is Allah who provides its sustenance" (Huud: 6).

Allah informs in this verse that Allah gives sustenance to all creatures that walk on this earth. Some of God's words above are very clear. There is not a single one among His believing servants who doubts the words of Allah Ta'ala above.

It's just that Allah Ta'ala expands sustenance for some of His servants and narrows it for others, for a wisdom that Allah knows.

It is His wisdom and according to His knowledge of what is beneficial and worthy of His servants. Allah Ta'ala says,

And God has favored some of you over others in provision.

"And Allah has favored some of you over others in terms of sustenance" (An-Nahl: 71).

God extends sustenance to whomever He wills of His servants and ordains for them. Indeed, God is All-Knowing of all things.

"Allah expands sustenance for whom He wills among His servants and He (also) narrows it for him. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing of all things" (Al-'Ankabuut: 62).

Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa'dirahimahullah interprets the word of God in Surah Al-'Ankabuut verse 62 above,

Praise be to God, who created the upper and lower world, and managed and provided for them, and extended sustenance to whomever He wanted, and restricted it to whomever He wanted, out of wisdom from Him, and out of His knowledge of what is best for His servants and what is appropriate for them.

"All praise is only for Allah, who has created the upper and lower worlds and arranged them and provided their sustenance, broadening the sustenance for servants whom Allah wills and narrowing the sustenance of servants whom Allah wills, this is wisdom from Him and in accordance with His knowledge about what is beneficial and appropriate for His servants” (Tafsir As-Sa'di, p. 746).

Sometimes some people die of hunger and actually this does not conflict with the name Allah Ar-Razzaaq (The One Who Gives Much Fortune).

God is still said to be the One who gives sustenance and God has given that person his sustenance in full and has completed his death. God provides sustenance to that person all from what God has decreed for him, so that when God takes away his life, he is in a state where he has obtained his sustenance in full, not diminished in the slightest.

As the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

O people, fear God and be generous in seeking, for a soul will not die until it has fulfilled its provision, and if that is delayed, then fear God and be generous in seeking. B: Take what is permissible and leave what is forbidden

"Oh man, fear God and choose a good way to find sustenance, because no soul will die until its sustenance is fulfilled, even if the sustenance reaches it slowly, then fear God and choose a good way to find sustenance, take sustenance that is halal and Leave unlawful sustenance" (HR. Ibnu Majah, and Shaykh Al-Albani authenticated it).

Yes, Allah has determined that the sustenance of people who die of hunger is less than that of other people, but there is wisdom behind it that Allah knows. And Allah is All-Knowing about what is suitable for each of His servants and All-Knowing who is suitable for getting a lot of sustenance and whoever is suitable for getting a little sustenance.

Advice for those who earn a small fortune

All the pleasures and hardships that Allah gives are only as a trial, not as honor or humiliation. With this trial, people who are grateful will appear to be people who are patient, or the opposite. Allah is All-Knowing of everything. Allah Ta'ala says,

As for man, when his Lord tests him and honors him and bestows blessings upon him, he says, “My Lord has honored me.”

(15) "As for man, when his Lord tests him and He glorifies him and gives him pleasure, then he will say, 'My God has glorified me'".

But when He tests him and deprives him of his sustenance, he says, “My Lord has disgraced me.”

(16) "As for when his Lord tests him and limits his sustenance, he says, 'My Lord has humiliated me'".
(17) "Never (so)" (Al-Fajr: 15-17).
This means that the nature of the problem is not what humans think.

Indeed, whoever is patient with little sustenance in the world and is patient for missing out on getting a lot of sustenance in the world, then Allah will replace him with a great pleasure in Heaven and he will forget the misfortune he felt while in the world. Even just one immersion in Heaven, will cause the disappearance of all the fatigue and suffering while in the world, even though he is the person who suffers the most while in the world. As the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

And the most wretched of the people in this world, of the people of Paradise, will be brought and dipped once in Paradise, and it will be said to him: O son of Adam, have you ever seen someone so miserable pass by you? Hardship at all, and he says, “No, by God, O Lord, no misfortune has ever passed me by, nor have I ever seen hardship.”

"Then the person who had the most miserable life on earth was brought from the people of Heaven, then he was dipped once into Heaven. Then he was asked, 'O descendants of Adam, have you ever seen even a little suffering before? Have you ever felt the slightest misery?' (HR. Muslim).

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Tafsir As-Sa’di.Fatwa Islamweb.net, no. 14649http://ar.Islamway.net/fatwa/7042/

Author: Ust. Sa'id Abu Ukasyah

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