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Allah Ta'ala is Al Khaliq. He is the only substance that creates. He existed before everything existed. It was not created, nor does it need its creation. He is Almighty, there is nothing like Him. Not having children, nor being begotten. Everything is obedient to Him. He is immortal when all creatures are mortal. He is Almighty, there is nothing in this world except under His power. He is the Most Wise, none of His creations is in vain. He is all-rich, he has no need for His creatures. While every creature needs Him. Because to Him alone belong all the qualities of perfection and greatness.

Allah Ta'ala has explained to humans His greatness and their poverty to Allah. God has determined the purpose of their creation, which is worship and servitude. But He determined that He did not need to be associated with anything. Not jinn, human, or even an angel. And indeed He is not worthy to be associated with. So every charity that is directed to Him, but also hoping from other than Him will be in vain. Like a body without a soul, such is the value of a practice without sincerity. He exists, yet is dead, rotten, and worthless.

Then what is expected from other than Him, while everything belongs to Him?! What kind of stupidity is there in hope for humans, when heaven belongs to the creator? What is the benefit of praise, admiration, and appreciation from those who have nothing?

But in reality, we rarely find people who are sincere in their charity. Ignorance of the Creator makes most people hope more in humans than in rewards from Allah Ta'ala. And it turns out, in practice, the importance of sincerity does not make it easy to implement. Not only lay people like us, but even ancient ulama felt it.

Like Sufyan At Tsauri, may God have mercy on him, who said, "There is nothing more difficult for me than the problem of my intentions, because they easily change back and forth". Or Yusuf bin Husain, may God have mercy on him, who said, "the most difficult thing for me in this world is sincerity, how many times have I really tried to remove it from my heart, but it seems that it will grow back with a different pattern".

Even so, it does not mean that sincerity cannot be worked on. Persisting, mobilizing all power and effort to get it remains a must. Isn't the reward suitable for the hardship in charity? Which is why the more difficult the reward the greater? And that is the value of sincerity. It really determines, until the acceptance of a practice depends on its existence. Even a small charity can become big with it. And on the other hand, a great practice can become small in its absence. Isn't it mentioned a prostitute who went to heaven because she gave water to a thirsty dog? Who among us is not willing to do it? But look at the first three groups of hell dwellers. Indeed they are people who do great deeds; a scholar, fighter, and philanthropist!! This is where intention is differentiating.

So, the first thing that must be done is to always present the greatness of Allah Ta'ala. That he is the only Essence who is all-powerful and all-knowing. No one can refuse benefits if He wants to give benefits. Nor can anyone harm him if he wishes.

Then the next thing is to ask Allah to give you sincerity. Because in fact all the goodness of a servant is taufik from Allah Ta'ala. Humans do not have the power and effort to do good deeds unless accompanied by taufik from Allah Ta'ala. Therefore, relying on one's own abilities and only relying on effort without asking for help from the creator is negligence. And it is truly true what Ibnul Qoyyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said, that humiliation is when Allah leaves a servant to himself.

Sincerity also needs to be learned. About the meaning, essence, and things that can tarnish sincerity, and then try to put them into practice. Because how can someone be sincere if they don't know the meaning of sincerity?1Ah, if only there were a group of scholars who taught people nothing but sincerity.2

The next thing to do is to always remember the great reward of sincerity. As well as the consequences of practices that are not accompanied by sincerity. That sincerity is the only way to heaven. Sincerity is also a door of safety from the devil's temptation. On the other hand, without sincerity a charity will not be accepted, and without it a servant will also fall into hell.

Also always evaluate yourself and be serious. Good before, during, and after charity. Before starting, stop for a moment, ask our soul, what do we want with this practice? If what he wants is the pleasure of God, or a reward from God Almighty, then a person should continue his practice. But on the other hand, if it turns out that something other than Allah Almighty is desired, then a person should not continue his practice until he straightens his intention. When we are doing charity, keep looking at our heart, don't let the intention change, if another intention other than Allah appears, then immediately turn it to Allah Almighty. Likewise after doing charity. Don't let the desire to be known by people arise, until then tell your practice while hoping for praise from them.

Increasing obedience is also one way to produce sincerity. Because Satan will always try to get a servant to abandon his obedience or try to destroy the deeds carried out by a servant. If then the devil sees a servant who is always in obedience, and does not pay attention to the devil's invitation, even every time the devil whispers to a servant but the servant increases in obedience and sincerity, the devil will despair and stop teasing the servant, so as not to increase his reward. However, if a servant is sometimes obedient but sometimes also commits sins by responding to the teachings of the devil, then the devil will be even more enthusiastic about tempting the servant, said Hasan Al Bashri.

Then also a servant should not be proud of his deeds. Not amazed at himself. Because in fact, when a person feels amazed with himself, at that time he is associating partners with Allah with himself. As if he had served Allah with his deeds. In fact, in essence it is the opposite. Being able to do good deeds is taufik from Allah Ta'ala. Ujub to oneself, like shirk, can erase one's deeds, as stated by Imam Nawawi Rahimahullah.

And the last thing a servant should always associate and gather with sincere people. With the hope of being able to pray and follow them in sincerity. And wouldn't a person be in the religion of his close friend? Until if we want to see a person's religion it is enough to see the religion of his close friend, as the will of his Majesty Shallallahu 'Alaih Wasallam?.3 Then choose a good friend, then we will also be good with the permission of Allah ta'ala.

Hopefully Allah Ta'ala gives us all His mercy and taufik so that we are always given sincerity in doing good deeds. Because there is no salvation except with sincerity.

Wallahu ‘Alam bis Showab



1 The words of Ibnu Qudamah Al Maqdisi in Mukhtasor Minhajul Qosidin.

2 The words of Abdullah bin Hamzahrahimahullah.

3 HR. Ahmad (8212)

Medina, Wednesday 26 Rajab 1436H

Disarikan dari kitab Qoo'idatul Inthilaq Wa Qooribun Najah, Faishol bin Ali Al Bu'daani Hafidzohullah.

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