Get Excited For ‘Dragon Ball Super’ With This Explosive New Trailer

Get Excited For ‘Dragon Ball Super’ With This Explosive New Trailer

Just about two years ago, Toei Animation studios announced an offshoot of their immensely popular Dragon Ball Z series was in the works.

On Saturday, Dragon Ball Super is set to make its English language debut during Adult Swim’s Toonami programming.

This could be just the excuse you need for a lazy New Year’s Eve on the couch!

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Introducing the first new storyline in almost 20 years, Dragon Ball Super picks up where left off, introducing feline super-villain Lord Beerus into the mix, forcing protagonist Goku out of peaceful retirement to confront him.

The new series has been airing in Asian markets since the summer of 2015, so far generating rave reviews. IMDB’s aggregate rating for the series currently sits at a lofty 8.2. Seven full seasons with over 70 original episodes have already been produced, so the double-decade drought of Dragon Ball content is pretty much officially over.

The latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super features the hectic track “Ain’t It Funny” from rapper Danny Brown‘s most recent album Atrocity Exhibition. Brown is an outspoken fan of the cartoon series, and even tweeted his admiration for Lord Beerus in the fall: