Before the angel of Israel was commanded by Allah SWT to take the life of Prophet Muhammad, Allah instructed the angel Jibril

"O Gabriel, if My beloved rejects him, forbid Israel to do its duty!" It is very valuable for this one human being who is none other than the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In the house of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Suddenly from outside the door a person was heard shouting greetings.

"Can I come in?" he asked. But Fatimah did not allow him to enter, saying, "I'm sorry, my father has a fever" said Fatimah who turned her body and closed the door. Then Fatimah returned to accompany the Prophet Muhammad SAW who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah, "Who is that, my son?". "I don't know my father, he looks like a new person, because this is the first time I've seen him" Fatimah said softly. Then, Rasulullah looked at his daughter with a trembling look. It was as if part after part of his son's face was about to be remembered.

“Know, my son, he is the one who removes temporary pleasures, he is the one who separates meetings in the world. He is the angel of death "said Rasulullah, Fatimah also held back her burst of tears.

The angel of death also came closer, but Rasulullah asked why Jibril did not join him. Then Jibril was called who had previously been ready in the heavens of the world to welcome the soul of the beloved of Allah SWT and the ruler of this world.

"Gabriel, explain what my rights will be before God?" Rasulullah asked in a very weak voice. “The doors of heaven have opened, the angels have been waiting for your soul. All heaven is wide open waiting for your arrival "said the angel Gabriel. But that did not make Rasulullah relieved, his eyes were still full of anxiety.

"You're not happy to hear this news?" Jmalaikat ibril asked again.

"Tell me what will happen to my people in the future?" "Do not worry, O Messenger of God, I have heard that God said to me: I forbid paradise for anyone, except the people of Muhammad have been in it" said the angel Gabriel.

dir="ltr">The seconds are getting closer, it's time for the angel Azrael to do his job. Slowly the spirit of the Prophet was withdrawn. The Prophet's whole body was covered in sweat, his neck veins tightened.

"Gabriel, how sick this sakaratul maut is." Slowly Rasulullah complained. Fatimah closed her eyes, Ali who was beside her bowed deeper and Jibril turned his face away. "Are you disgusted to see me, until you turn your face away from Gabriel?" Rasulullah asked the Angel who introduced the revelation.

"Who is able to see the beloved of God snatched by death" said Gabriel. A moment later, Rasulullah was heard complaining, because of the unbearable pain. "Oh God, this death is terrible, JUST PUT ALL THIS DEATH TORTURE ON ME, NOT ON MY PEOPLE"

Rasulullah's body began to get cold, his legs and chest did not move anymore. His lips trembled as if about to whisper something, Ali brought his ears closer. "Uushiikum bis-shalaati, wamaa malakat aimaanukum (keep the prayers and keep the weak among you)". Outside, the door cries began to be heard, friends hugging each other. Fatimah covered her face with her hands, and Ali again brought his ears closer to the Prophet's lips which began to turn blue. “Ummatii, ummatii, ummatiii! (My people, my people, my people) ”. And, end the life of the most glorious human being who gives that radiance.

According to the number of scholars, some of the pain of Sakarotulmaut All the people of the Prophet Muhammad have been delegated to Muhammad

How deep is the Prophet's love for us, his ummah, even at the end of his life we ​​are the only ones in his mind. The pain of the Sakaratul Maut, but we remember very little about it, even just to mention Glorifying the Call of the Prophet.

Allahumma sholli 'alaa sayyidina Muhammad wa 'ala ali sayyidina Muhammad....

Hopefully, we will be part of his ummah who will receive the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad SAW on the Day of Resurrection. Amen.


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