11 Types of Men Not Worth Being Husbands

11 Types of Men Not Worth Being Husbands

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This man who is not worthy to be a husband was told by a Quraysh woman to the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace. He said, "My husband's name is Malik (King)."

Who is Malik?

The woman continued, “Malik is much better than his name. He has many camels in his stall and few (camels) in his pasture."

Concluded the woman as quoted by Salim A Fillah in Her Happiness Celebrating Love , "If you hear the sound of a caravan beating drums, the camels are sure they will be slaughtered (to entertain the caravan)."

This tenth type of man is rich. rich. He even likes to entertain his guests with impressive banquets. If so, what makes it ineligible to apply?

This is because the woman does not tell about her husband's behavior at home, especially when interacting with his wife, children and members

another family. In this narrative, the husband only seems great from the outside. Great because he is wealthy, has many assets, and does not hesitate to entertain his guests with banquets that seem luxurious to the point of being extravagant.

In fact, men who are ideal husbands are those who have good morals towards their wives. He is the kindest person to his wife, children and other family members.

He doesn't hesitate to put his hand down to help ease his wife in doing household chores, even those that seem trivial. She is not ashamed to wash, fix broken household furniture, clean up, even to children's affairs.

Even though they are busy outside, ideal husbands are those who are serious about working with their wives. Not much to count. For him, his wife is a colleague who should be treated kindly and impressively.

He is good at spotting opportunities and loopholes. He's being active. Full of understanding and love to do anything. If he comes home to earn a living in a tired body, he will convey to his wife that he needs rest.

He also does not hesitate to apologize, because he knows that he is not a perfect man. He accepted his complete wife, then did his best for the good of the family he had lived in.

Wallahu a'lam. [Story of Wisdom]