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1. Gerrit Keyser, the Dutch goalkeeper who became the first non-British player at Arsenal, was nicknamed The Flying Dutchman because he always flew from London to Amsterdam every after defending Arsenal on Saturday so he could defend the Ajax reserve team the following day.
2. Determination of long or short sleeves for a match is always determined by the team captain. Since the era of Herbert Chapman, Arsenal have been required to appear in uniform. No one can wear long sleeves if other players wear short sleeves.
3. Dennis Berkamp and Ian Wright first met by accident at the M25 refueling station. At that time, Berkamp had just arrived from the Netherlands to undergo medical tests before signing a contract with Arsenal. There was a small incident that occurred at that time. Berkamp was scolded by Wright for going the wrong way. In the end, Wright always hugged Berkamp tightly when celebrating goals.
4. The red costume with a white combination was first used in the match against Liverpool, March 4, 1933. At that time, Arsenal lost 0-1 but later won the English league.
5. Fred Breardsley had to go back and forth from London to Nottingham because he had to defend Arsenal and Nottingham forest. It happened as compensation for the help of Nottingham who provided a number of used balls and jerseys when Arsenal stood up.
6. Herbert Chapman introduced the use of jersey numbers when Arsenal visited Shefirld Wednesday on 25 August 1928. Although later banned by the FA, Chapman continued to apply this to the reserve team. The FA finally authorized the use of jersey numbers in 1938.
7. Arsenal is the only team whose name is used as the name of a subway station.
8. Since the chapman era, Arsenal has had a unique tradition. At every home game, they put up a wreath in the colors of the visiting team in the boardroom and lobby of the stadium's VIP room.
9. When Chapman died in 1934, Arsenal received 200 applications. One of them from a woman. Another one from Wales who claims he can run a mile in 3.5 minutes and is ready to play as a player and manager.
10. Arsenal contributed seven players to the England national team in a friendly match versus Italy at the Wembley Stadium, November 14, 1934. They were Frank Moss, George Male, Eddie Hapgood, Wiff Copping, Ray Bowden, Ted Drake and Cliff Bastin. In addition, Tom Whittaker also entered the coaching staff.

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