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Where did the term "Soccer" come from? Why did someone finally use the term "Soccer" or "Football" to refer to football? This male figure is probably the most responsible for this.
On October 9, 1866, Charles Wreford-Brown was born in Bristol. Despite being a two-time captain for the England national team, he is best known for his lasting legacy for inventing the term "Soccer" to refer to football.
The English Football Association itself was formed in 1863 and quickly made a number of regulations for the game. At that time, football was called association football to distinguish the sport from other types of football, such as rugby.

According to legend, Wreford-Brown was a student at Oxford when his friends invited him to play rugby. At that time, rugby was called "rugger". The young Wreford-Brown only responded that he preferred to play "Soccer". That's the origin of the term. The prefix "-er" itself at that time was an Oxford abbreviation to replace the word association.
Wreford-Brown's love of sport led him to play for England. He captained the team twice in 1894 and 1895, both against Wales. After that, he then took on a legislature role in football representing Old Carthusians and then Oxford within the FA. He also served on the selection committee for the England national team.

The word "Soccer" itself continued to be used in England in the 19th century, at that time lower-class people were more involved in matches. The word "Soccer" then continues to be used worldwide. However, in the end, more British people call football "football", while "Soccer" is still used in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States (duniasoccer)

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