Senin, 09 Januari 2023

Fishing is a very enjoyable hobby. Fishing activities are usually used to fill spare time, especially during holidays. In spare time, these activities are often carried out with friends, relatives or family to get rid of boredom after carrying out daily routines.

Fishing is also often seen as an activity to get rid of fatigue so you can avoid stress and depression. Therefore, this activity is much liked by both young and old people.

However, behind the fun of fishing, it is also necessary to know the negative effects of fishing. The following are facts that often occur in these activities.

1. Sunlight Makes Skin Dark

The shining sun can blacken the skin because anglers usually linger at the fishing location. The scorching glare of "the sun" comes from two directions, namely direct sunlight and sunlight that comes from the reflection of the surface of the water so that the skin becomes burnt. Although there is a roof over the fishing pond, it doesn't have much effect because the hot air can be carried by the wind.

2. Often Ignored Health Conditions

Fishing is an exciting activity and this is what makes anglers often forget it's time to eat. This often happens when they are at fishing locations because anglers are at a high level of concentration. This is usually the angler procrastinating mealtimes or even neglected meal schedule. This can be bad for health conditions, especially in the digestive tract such as the stomach and kidneys. In addition, sitting for a long time while fishing can make blood circulation not smooth which can affect the health of the body.

3. Extravagance is considered commonplace

Fishing is an activity that requires quite a lot of money because this activity requires fishing equipment such as rods, reels, strings, and others. In addition, anglers must also prepare bait, be it live bait or artificial bait. In addition, fishing in the form of competitions or tournaments in the galatama fishing pond costs quite a lot if it is done every day. In this pool, the costs incurred by anglers are partly set aside to obtain prizes for the winners.

At the end of the fishing competition session, the manager gave prizes to participants who were declared champions.

4. Fishing Makes You Often Forget Time

For those who have a hobby of fishing, this activity is very fun and time seems to pass quickly. Unlike when 1 hour in line at the counter, or waiting for someone's appointment for 1 hour is a very long and boring time. However, when fishing that much time is very short. However, this can certainly have a negative impact if done haphazardly because the main obligations can be forgotten or neglected.

5. Fishing Activities Turned into Gambling Events

Fishing aims to fill activities in spare time, relieve boredom and fatigue, it is also believed to relieve stress. In addition, fishing activities can be used to maintain friendship and friendship between anglers.

In contrast to fishing activities which are used as a means of gambling and this is very far from the purpose of fishing itself. Fishing activities are used as a betting arena for fellow anglers and in these places conflicts, hostility and unhealthy competition often occur between anglers. In these places, harsh words in the form of swearing are often thrown when anglers fail to land fish. In addition, anglers in the betting arena are willing to lose all their wealth in order to win a fishing competition arena. (af/sobat)

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