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Fishing is common in natural and artificial places. Fishing in the wild is usually done in rivers, lakes or seas, while in artificial places it can be done in fishing ponds.

Preparing bait is an obligation when going fishing. Bait prepared to get the target fish game. Usually each fish has a different bait. Anglers mix bait in such a way as to make it easy to catch the game fish, namely by using essen.

Essen is a liquid-shaped aroma that is added to the bait mix. Anglers use essen a lot in bait concoctions. Below is the reason anglers use essen in fishing activities.

The following describes 8 functions of essen in fishing:

1. Gives a Signal of the Presence of Bait

The bait is thrown by anglers to the spot with the hope that the bait will be quickly eaten by fish. Essen functions to give signals in the water by releasing gas and aroma so that the bait can be quickly detected by fish. The fish will approach the bait and eat the bait.

2. Strengthen Feed Levels

Anglers mix bait by mixing bait ingredients such as eggs, deho, cheese, etc. so that they become ready-to-use bait. However, anglers usually only estimate the amount of dough, for example 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of deho, and so on. Chances are the bait could be too rancid or it could be less rancid. Here, the existence of essen plays a role. Essen strengthened the bait and filled the lack of bait levels.

3. Adding a Bait Aroma

At present, there are many essenes with a variety of aromas produced by well-known essen companies. Many anglers take advantage of these aroma variants by mixing them with each other to produce new essen concoctions. This essen herb is usually used in galatama fishing. Most of the fish in galatama fishing have been hooked so that the fish become greedy and give up on taking the bait. Therefore, Galatama anglers continue to work on concocting the mix and making the latest essen recipe concoctions.

4. Gathering Fish

Bait that uses essen is easy for fish to know. The bait will quickly be devoured by fish. A good bait will make the fish gather at the expected spot because the fish will regard this place as a food source. If the fish are already clustered in the stalls, of course it will not be too difficult for anglers to land their game. Fish that already feel comfortable in the stalls will find it difficult to move to other stalls.

5. Making Stalls a Nest

Fish will of course choose the best bait, both from the nutritional content or from the aroma of the bait. Anglers who throw their hooks intensively at the same point have the advantage because the remains of the bait will fall at the same point. This will crowd the fish at that point. Of course this will make it easier for anglers to land their prey. Fish will make the place a nest because there is a lot of food in that place.

6. The ingredients for making bait are simpler

This is the most prominent advantage of essen. The ingredients for making bait can be simpler. Basic baits such as sago, Atang, Ikin, or dry baits such as katulampa or kinoy, just a drop of essen can be used as fishing bait. Of course it's even better if you add other supporting ingredients such as eggs or kroto.

7. Added Target Fish Appetite

Fish appetite is usually influenced by weather and water temperature, and water conditions. In addition, the health condition of the fish greatly affects the fish's diet. Fish that are lazy to eat are quite difficult to catch. Essen has a role here to increase fish appetite. Logically, it doesn't differ much, for example when passing a satay seller who is grilling satay. The smell of smoked satay that is inhaled will create an appetite even though you are not really hungry. The aroma of the essen that spreads in the water gives a signal to the fish and makes the fish's appetite increase so that the fish will devour the bait.

8. Bait Can Be Used in All Weather

Usually fish will find it difficult to eat when the water conditions are too cold or too hot. Because the nature of cold-blooded fish will always adapt to their habitat. Fish will be more concerned with adapting to water conditions to survive than looking for food. Unfriendly weather conditions, such as lots of lightning and thunder made the fish instead hide looking for shelter to save themselves. Essen serves to minimize this condition by giving a sign of the aroma of bait in the water so that the bait can be eaten quickly by fish. 


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