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Complete History of the Benin Empire and its Domain

Benin is a pre-colonial African country founded in 1300 AD. The territory of this kingdom was located in the south-central part of (present-day) Nigeria. Until the end of the 19th century this empire became one of the main powers in West Africa. According to one witness named Olfert Dapper, in one day the King of Benin could prepare 20,000 people for war, even in critical situations he could prepare 180,000 people, because he had great influence among the nations around him. His power spanned cities and villages. No other king around at that time had as many beautiful cities as the King of Benin.

                                                    Territory of the Kingdom of Benin

When European merchant ships began visiting West Africa from the 15th century onwards, it was the Benin Empire that had the reins to control trade between the peoples of the interior of Africa and Europe. When the British tried to expand their own trade in the 19th century, Benin warriors killed their emissary.

15th Century Royal Capital of Benin
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