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Football and television are currently recognized as having a strong bond. Football is recognized as having a strong influence on the development of the new world of television which emerged in 1926 via the spectacular invention of John Logie Baird. Conversely, television also has a major contribution in developing professional football.

So, when did the fusion of football and television actually occur? It took place on September 16, 1937. At that time, the BBC television stadium experimented with broadcasting part of Arsenal's match against its reserve team . The party was all just a specially designed test match.

Arsenal Squads Chatting with the Camera

Furthermore, the BBC took the next step by broadcasting the first international match between England and Scotland on April 9, 1938. After all, the real milestone was of course when they broadcast in full the 1937-38 FA Cup final which brought Preston North End to Huddersfield Town. At that time, no less than 10 thousand television owners in England watched the party via television.

Subsequent developments, television became color in the 1954 World Cup. At the event in Switzerland, for the first time the World Cup party could be watched via television in people's homes. Unfortunately, the lack of television sets makes broadcasts like this unable to beat broadcasts via radio. Four years later, the World Cup matches were broadcast live to many countries.

After that, as television began to become popular in society, league managers in various countries also partnered with television in an effort to popularize this one sport. Even in England, the breakthrough occurred in 1992 when Sky TV agreed to buy the Premier League broadcasting rights at a price of 304 million pounds for a period of five years.
Logo Sky TV

Now, television broadcasting rights for the Premier League are increasing again. Even in other leagues, television broadcasting rights are a crucial issue and are being fought over by many television stations. This is evidence of the increasingly close relationship between football and television. A relationship that was unimaginable when Arsenal faced their reserve team almost seven decades ago.

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