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On September 18, 1920, Uruguay beat Brazil 6-0 in the South American Championship (now known as the Copa America). This score became Brazil's worst defeat of all time.
The goal margins are staggering. Nevertheless, both teams do have history in the tournament. Uruguay won the first two competitions held in 1916 and 1917. Meanwhile, Brazil managed to claim the title in the third time the tournament was held (1919). Uniquely, they won the title after defeating Uruguay through a play-off for four extra periods.

In the 1920 edition which was held in Chile, Brazil actually won 1-0 over Chile and Uruguay only drew 1-1 in the first game before facing each other on September 18, 1920. With the determination to regain this title, Uruguay immediately stepped on the gas from the start. Unmitigated, scored three goals in a span of about six minutes!
The first goal was scored by Angel Romano in the 23rd minute. Followed by goals through the white point in the 26th minute by Antonio Urdinaran and goals from Jose Perez in the 29th minute. The first half ended 3-0 for Uruguay.
The second half did not improve for the Samba Team. The reason, Uruguay managed to score three additional goals. The fourth goal was scored by Antonio Campolo (48'), while Romano and Perez added their second goals respectively in the 60th and 65th minutes.
This tournament apparently was not in favor of Brazil. The reason is, they lost again in their last match against Argentina, this time with a score of 0-2. Meanwhile, Uruguay made sure to appear as champions after defeating the host team with a score of 2-1 in the last match.

Angel Romano

Uruguayan player, Angel Romano became the top scorer in that year's tournament, along with teammate, Jose Perez, who also scored three goals. Romano's achievement repeated a similar record in 1917. At that time, Romano scored four goals to ensure himself became the top scorer.

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