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Now comes the GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum bait in the midst of the growing hobby of fishing in the wild. The pendulum which is specifically for tilapia contains high-quality natural ingredients and does not contain preservatives or chemicals. Suitable for fishing in fresh water, such as reservoirs or lakes. Apart from tilapia, the pendulum invites other fish to come to the spot, such as pomfret, goldfish, and catfish.

The secret of fishing in the wild is the pendulum or bomb used. The best bait to use if the fish do not come to the expected spot will be in vain. The size of the reservoir that is so wide must have a special trick so that the fish come to the spot and gather at the expected stalls. Most anglers who fail (golonos/zonk) are not because they don't have the ability to land fish, but because the fish really don't approach the angler's spot.

GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum has the ability to collect fish such as carp, pomfret, catfish, especially tilapia. The pendulum was designed after years of testing in the Cirata and Jatiluhur reservoirs, with satisfactory results. Fish come to the spot and gather at the angler's stall. That way, anglers will have no trouble landing target fish, whether using pellet baits, worms, or mosses.

The advantage of GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum is that it is able to collect fish in various conditions and weather, be it during the rainy season (cold weather) or even during the dry season (hot weather) so that anglers are not too worried about the temperature in the water. Make the fishing atmosphere more enjoyable with satisfying fishing results when filling the fishing holiday atmosphere.

Fishing is usually done during free time or on vacation. These activities are often used as entertainment and are carried out with colleagues after carrying out their daily routines. Make this precious opportunity into an unforgettable moment. And make the fishing atmosphere more exciting with the GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum because the pendulum has the ability to collect fish on the stalls/spots so that the fish become easy to catch. The GDS Super Special Pendulum Pendulum has the feature of not being fixated on a certain spot/lot which is considered to have a lot of fish, but anglers can choose whichever lapak/spot they like because the pendulum is able to invite fish to gather.

GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum will make the fish feel at home in the lapak/spot because the fish will perceive the place as a food source. Fish that are already in the spot will find it difficult to move to another stall because the spot has been used as their nest. Using this pendulum often makes anglers on the left and right only as "spectators" because the fish no longer want to move to other stalls.

This pendulum has been tested on "rock" rafts/ rafts that have been abandoned by many anglers because they are considered difficult to fish for because there are no fish, but using this pendulum the fishing results are still considered satisfactory. GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum is suitable for anglers to use at any spot they like.

The presence of the GDS Super Special Powder Pendulum is a solution so that fishing activities are more enjoyable and fishing results are more memorable. Easy to use, just add enough water. Form small rounds with one fist, don't be too dense or runny. Throw it to a spot with a depth of approximately 2 meters from the surface of the water. Just wait for the fish to come to the spot. Don't forget to bring beunyeur or groats and spread them around the spot little by little to attract fish.

GDS Super Special Powder Pellets/Shake Bait

Apart from the pendulum, there is also a Special GDS Powder Fish Bait. This bait is specifically for tilapia, but often other fish such as carp, pomfret, catfish are also landed. It is suitable for fishing in fresh water and has been tested for years in the Cirata and Jatiluhur reservoirs with good and satisfactory results. It is quite easy to use, just add water little by little until it has sufficient elasticity and is easy to attach to a hook.

Fishing Phenomena and Facts

Many anglers spend a lot of money experimenting with the right concoctions of bait and pendulum, but most fail and return empty-handed (golonos). Apart from spending money, a lot of time is wasted just because of experimenting with concoctions or recipes from other people. Stop this habit and use a proven concoction and make the fishing atmosphere fun.

Until now, many anglers are still wondering about good spots and lots of fish. This is indeed important, but the problem is whether the lapak if we use it the day after will guarantee that we will get a lot of results with previous anglers at the same lapak. The answer will not guarantee 100 percent. It could be that the results are even zonk / boncos.

The secret to fishing in a reservoir or lake besides the pendulum used is bait. Bait is very important so that fish want to eat bait and strike. Bait that is not suitable for the target is clearly impossible for fish to eat. Bait that doesn't mix properly can't strike. This could be the bait having a low nutritional content or it could also be an excessive dose, including excessive use of essen instead of the fish wanting to eat the bait instead the fish will run away.


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