Senin, 09 Januari 2023

Effective Bouncy Fishing or "Bombing" Techniques with GDS SuperSpecial Powder

The secret to fishing in a reservoir or lake lies in the angler's ability to collect fish at the desired spot. No matter how great the bait used or how great the angler's ability is, if the fish are not in the spot, it is certainly an obstacle considering the very large area of the reservoir. This is very different when fishing in a fishing pond which sometimes does not throw the pendulum absolutely.

Fish that have gathered at the spot make it easier for anglers to land their game fish. The trick is to barrage or bomb the expected spots. Apart from collecting fish, bundling or "bombing" also plays a role in keeping the fish comfortable at the spot. If that's the case, the mainstay of bait that is thrown to the spot will quickly be struck by the target.

Do not throw the pendulum when the fish have gathered at the spot because this will make the fish startled and avoid it because they perceive it as distress. The size of the pendulum thrown is quite small.

Try to throw the pendulum to the spot at a depth of 1.5-2 meters below the surface of the water because in that place the fish look for food.

The pendulum thrown to the most ideal spot is ±2 meters calculated from the angler or quite a distance of ±1 meter from the tip of the rod. If it's too far, it will be difficult to throw the hook right at the target. Likewise, if the fish are too close, they are afraid of the noise from the angler.

How to use the pendulum, simply put it in a container and then wet it a little with mineral water or boiled water. Stir gently with your fingers until it feels loose. Not too much water because the dough will become runny and difficult to throw into the spots. In addition, a dough that is too runny will easily be swept away by the current.

Making pendulum dough is different from making bait that is stirred until smooth. Pendulum dough is not like that. Just wet it with a little water until it's loose or bearish. Clench slowly with one hand (not too tightly so that the pendulum dispersions in the water faster so that it is easily detected by the hunting target) then throw it to the spot point. The pendulum that is clenched with one hand is about the size of a gas lighter. Throw successively and gradually to the spot with a certain time interval, not recommended all at once.

A pendulum that is too big when thrown will only make a bang on the surface of the water, causing ripples and waves and making the fish around it flee.

The pendulum dough that is clenched into a fist will form an irregular field when it will be thrown to the spot point. This works so that the pendulum looks naturally scattered at the bottom of the ground surface.

Spread the beunyer or groats to the spots little by little to attract the attention of the tilapia around the spot so that the schools of fish approach the spot where the pendulum/bomb has been thrown.

Try to throw the pendulum to the right target spot (point/one point). Before bobbing or "bombing" pay attention to the speed of the wind and the waves of the water currents. The pendulum should be thrown when the water is calm or tends to be still.(af/sobat)

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