How to Catch Toman Snakehead Fish, Let's Read

Before we know the various Toman and Cork bait recipes, we should know a little about the basic characteristics of these fish. (all of these recipes can be obtained from various communities and the experience of some friends)

Basic Characters of Toman Fish and Snakehead Fish

Both the toman fish and the snakehead fish or other fish have almost the same characteristics, that is, they cannot stand the hot sun where the scorching heat causes the water in the lake to warm up so that the fish will go to the edges of the lake or hide under the thick branches of trees. has fallen to rest.

Conditions like this make it difficult for us to fish with the popping technique and again this popping technique requires perfect physical conditions and a wide lake and free of obstacles for throwing or pulling.

The toman fish we know is a type of predatory fish where it will hunt small fish to prey on, and when it's hot the fish will usually go to the edge of the lake because the toman fish are always on the move to find prey.

Now for situations like this we need basic fishing techniques, namely the bait is thrown and passed while waiting for the Toman fish to come eat it.

Toman fish is a meat-eating fish so you can use any type of fish meat, or what is commonly used is chicken meat. Take 1/4 breast of a purebred chicken (broiler) then cut into small pieces of approximately 2 cm then remove the skin, fat and bones then hooked on a hook of 2-4 pieces then throw it in the area where the toman fish is suspected to be hiding.

How to fish Toman and Cork with the Casting / Popping technique.

Make sure you fish in the morning or evening. Why? Because the fish haven't yet looked for outskirts that are difficult to cast.

If you are fishing for casting or popping during the day, it doesn't matter as long as you can be patient. When using froggy bait, you must be very clever in adjusting the pull so that it looks natural.

If you use popper bait to catch snakehead or toman fish, it's the same, keep pulling it slowly so that it looks like a real small fish.

More patience is really needed so that your footsteps are not heard or if using a boat, then make sure you have been there for 1 hour.

Use strong strings or kenur for a maximum load of 20 kg so you don't have to worry about it breaking. Use a size 8 fishing hook and don't hesitate to change the size on site, if the size of the toman in that place is average on that day the fish are small.

The fishing rod should be a fast tapper. Because of the wild movement of the toman fish, there is a concern that it will damage/break the slow tapper rod, unless the material and brand are really good.

You don't need to look for an expensive reel, look for an online fishing shop or another medium fishing shop, if the price of 400 several thousand is already qualified; durable, strong and stable. Can for 5 kg drag ability, strings of approximately 200 meters.

source: angel