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History of the Origin and Clan of the Minang Tribe of West Sumatra

The Minang tribe of West Sumatra is one of the many tribes in Indonesia. The Minang tribe originally consisted of four main tribes which later developed into hundreds of tribes because of kinship with other tribes.


According to DigitalSumbar, the origin of the West Sumatran Minang tribe comes from the Minangkabau Kingdom in Sumatra. The kingdom's territory covers all of West Sumatra, south of North Sumatra, eastern part of Riau, northern side of Jambi, northern part of Bengkulu and Negeri Sembilan Malaysia.

During the heyday of the Minangkabau Kingdom, good relations were established between the existing tribes. Starting from there the relationship of the four tribes continues to grow, because of the results of kinship and cross-breeding.

The four main tribes that became the forerunners of the birth of the other West Sumatra Minang Tribe, namely:

Suku Koto
Piling Tribe
Body Tribe
Caniago tribe

Now the Minang Tribe of West Sumatra continues to grow and has reached hundreds of tribes in number, considering that there are quite a lot of them so that it is currently difficult to find a relationship with their main tribe.

old minang (minangneseart)

West Sumatra Minang Tribe The

following is the development and expansion of the four Minang tribes:

1. Suku Koto

The koto tribe is one of the two main clans within the Minangkabau tribe. The Minangkabau tribe has two clans (tribes in the language of the Minang people), namely the Koto Piliang Clan/tribe and the Chaniago Clan/Bodi tribe.
This tribe experienced division into several tribal divisions, namely:

Tanjung Koto
Koto Piliang in Nagari Kacang, Solok
Koto Dalimo,
Koto Diateh,
Koto Kaciak,
Koto Kaciak 4 Paruaik in South Solok,
Koto Tigo Ibu in South Solok
, Koto Kampuang,
Koto Kerambil,
Koto Sipanjang ,
koto Sungai Guruah in Nagari Pandai Sikek (Land of Data)
koto Televisiang in Nagari Pandai Sikek (Land of Data)
Koto Tibalai in Nagari Pandai Sikek (Land of Data)
Koto Limo Parik in Nagari Pandai Sikek (Land of Data) Koto Rumah Tinggi in Nagari
Kamang Hilir (Agam )
koto rumah gadang, in the nagari Kamang Hilir (Agam)
kotosariak, in the nagari Kamang Hilir (Agam)
koto kepoh, in the city of Kamang Hilir (Agam)
koto tibarau, in the city of Kamang Hilir (Agam)
koto tan kamang/koto nan batigo in the city of Kamang Hilir (Agam)
Koto Tuo in the state of Paranap, Hulu Inderagiri
koto Baru in the state of Paranap, Hulu Inderagiri

2. Piliang Tribe

The Piliang tribe is one of the tribes or clans in the Minangkabau ethnic group. This tribe is one of the main tribes that are related to the Koto tribe, forming the Ketumanggungan Custom which is also known as the Lareh Koto Piliang.

This tribe experienced division into several ethnic divisions, namely:

Piliang Guci (Guci Piliang in the Nagari Koto Gadang, Agam)
Pili in Nagari Talang, Sungai Puar (Agam)
Koto Piliang in Nagari Kacang, Solok and Lubuk Jambi, Kuantan Mudik, Riau
Piliang Laweh ( Piliang Lowe) in ([[Kuantan Singingi))
Piliang Sani (Piliang Soni) in Kuantan Singingi, Riau and Nagari Singkarak, Solok
Piliang Baruah
Piliang Bongsu,
Piliang Cocoh,
Piliang Dalam,
Piliang Koto,
Piliang Koto Kaciak,
Piliang Patar,
Piliang Sati
Piliang Batu Karang in Nagari Singkarak, Solok
Piliang Guguak in Nagari Singkarak, Solok
Piliang Atas (Kuantan Singingi))
Piliang Bawah (Kuantan Singingi)
Piliang Godang (Big Piliang)
Piliang Kaciak (small)

Many of the tribes above spread to various Minangkabau regions, namely Tanah Datar, Agam, Fifty Cities, Solok, Riau, Padang and several other areas.

Under the umbrella of the Koto-Piliang tribe, there are many other tribes that take shelter, including:
Tribe, Guci
Tribe, Sikumbang
Tribe, Malayu
Tribe, Kampai
Tribe, Panai
Tribe, Bendang
Tribe, Piliang Tribe belonged to Datuk Ketumanggungan in the Adityawarman era.

3. Body Spare

The Bodi tribe is one of the tribes or clans within the Minangkabau ethnic group which is also an ally of the Perpatih Indigenous Caniago Tribe or Lareh Bodi Caniago. The Bodi-Caniago alignment was founded by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang.

This tribe is not widely spread in other Minangkabau areas as are its close relatives, namely the Caniago Tribe, Koto Tribe and Piliang Tribe. This tribe is mostly found in Tanah Datar regency.

4. The Caniago Tribe

The Caniago tribe is a tribe of origin brought by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang who is one of the main tribes in Minangkabau besides the Piliang tribe. The Caniago tribe has a democratic philosophy of life, namely by upholding the philosophy of "bulek aia deck pambuluah, bulek kato deck mufakat. Nan bulek samo is classified, nan picak samo is laid out” means: “The water is rounded because of the vessels, the words are unanimous because of consensus”. Thus in the Caniago tribal community all decisions to be taken for an interest must go through a process of deliberation to reach a consensus.

5. Cape Tribe

The Tanjung tribe is a sub-tribe of the Minangkabau tribe which has a lot of population growth. This tribe is spread almost throughout the Minangkabau region and its overseas.

Many Tanjung tribes spread from Batipuh (Land Flat), Kurai Limo Jorong (Agam), Ampek Angek (Agam), Talang Sungai Puar (Agam), Maninjau, Singkarak (Solok), Koto Gaek and Aie Batumbuk (Solok), Air Bangis and Talu (Pasaman), Pauh IX (Padang), Padang Pariaman, Bayang and Tarusan (South Coast), and several other villages in West Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, Bengkulu, and overseas Minang people.

This tribe experienced expansion into several tribal fractions, namely:
Tanjung Pisang (Tanjung Sipisang)
Tanjung Simabua
Tanjung Guci
Tanjung Kaciak (Cape Ketek)
Tanjung Sikumbang
Tanjung Koto
Tanjung Gadang
Tanjung Payobada
Tanjung Sumpadang (Cape Supadang)
Tanjung Batingkah
Panai Tanjung

Allies of the Tanjung tribe The Tanjung
tribe belongs to the Koto Piliang Lareh. The allies of the Tanjung tribe are:
The Guci tribe (some say they are close to the Malay tribe, for example in Pauh, Padang)
The Sikumbang
tribe, the Koto
tribe, the Piliang
tribe, the Sipisang

tribe, the Tanjung tribe, together with the Malayu and Mandailiang tribes, have similar names with the Tanjung clan, Malay ethnicity and the Mandailing clan. outside Minangkabau.

6. Jar Tribe

Is one in Minangkabau affiliated with Lareh Koto Piliang, that is, closer to the Tanjung tribe.

Guci tribes in various regions joined with different tribes. In the Bayang District area, Pesisir Selatan, the Guci tribe is allied with the Tanjung tribe. But in Pauh, Padang, the Guci tribe is allied with the Malays. Likewise, in Empat Koto sub-district, Agam, the Guci tribe is also known as the Guci Piliang tribe, which means that this tribe has also joined the Piliang tribe, in Nagari Kuraitaji, Nan Sabaris District, Padang Pariaman Regency & South Pariaman District, Pariaman City, the Guci tribe is a community group. who comes from the Piliang tribe who lives in Nagari Kuraitaji because there is no Piliang tribe in this village

7. The Sikumbang Tribe

style="text-align: justify;">The Sikumbang tribe is one of the most developed tribes among the Minangkabau tribes. The people of this tribe are scattered in various Minangkabau areas, both in Luhak, overseas and overseas.

Allies of the Sikumbang Tribe
The Sikumbang tribe is allied with other tribes in Minangkabau, especially the Tanjung, Koto, Piliang and other tribes.

Titles of Datuk Tribe Sikumbang
Among the titles of Datuk of this tribe are:
Datuk Bandaro
Datuk Basa Batuah
Datuk Rajo Api
Datuk Mangiang

8. The Jambak tribe

The Jambak tribe is a tribe in Minangkabau which is under the auspices of Lareh Bodi Caniago.

In Nagari Malalo, Batipuh Selatan (Tanah Datar), the Jambak tribe experienced rapid population growth which resulted in them having to divide themselves into several ethnic divisions, namely:
the Muaro Basa
tribe, the Nyiur
tribe, the Makaciak
tribe, the Pauh tribe, the Simawang
tribe (taken from the name of the neighboring Nagari)
, the Talapuang
tribe, the Malay tribe (this name is taken from the name of an existing Malay tribe). So that it can be called the Malay jambak tribe.
the jambak
tribe is the banana tribe (the name of this tribe already exists in other areas so it is called the jambak banana tribe).
the ten
tribes of the Baringin tribe.

The most popular ally of the Jambak tribe is the Kutianyie tribe. Apart from that, they are also related to the Bodi Tribe and the Caniago Tribe

9. The Kampai Tribe

The Kampai tribe is a tribe that belongs to the Minangkabau ethnic group.

This tribe is widely found in Solok Selatan, Solok, Pesisir Selatan, Fifty Cities District, Tanah Datar and several other villages in Minangkabau both in darek and overseas.

This tribe is related to the Panai Tribe, Malayu Tribe, Mandailiang Tribe and several other tribes.
Leader Dt. Rajo Malikan Nan Gomuak
Dt. Marajo Cindo Nan Kuniang
10. The Malayu

Tribe The Malayu Tribe as the Tribe of Minangkabau Tribe

Quoted from the Minangkabau Cultural History Book that the tribes in the Minangkabau ethnic group are divisions of the Malayu tribe. The following is the description: The Malays are divided into 4 groups and each group experiences division into several ethnic fractions as follows:

Melayu nan IV Paruik (Royal People):
Tribe Kampai
Tribe Bendang Tribe (Salayan
Tribe) Lubuk Batang

Malay nan V Kampung Tribe (Datuk Nan Sakelap Dunia, Lareh Nan Panjang)
Tribe Pitopang
Tribe Banuhampu Tribe (Bariang Tribe)
Tribe Salo

Melayu nan VI Ninik (Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang, Lareh Bodi Caniago)
Tribe Singkuang Tribe (Sumpadang
Tribe) Sungai Napa Tribe (Sinapa)
Tribe Caniago
Tribe Mandaliko
Tribe Balaimansiang Tribe (Mansiang
Tribe) Panyalai
Tribe Sumagek
​​Tribe Sipanjang (Supanjang) )

Melayu Nan IX Induak (Datuk Ketumanggungan, Lareh Koto Piliang)
Koto Tribe (Andomo Koto)
Tribe Guci Tribe (Dalimo
Tribe) Payobada Tribe (Dalimo
Tribe) Tanjung
Tribe Simabur
Tribe Sikumbang
Tribe Sipisang (Banana)
Tribe Pagacancang

Along with the rapid growth of the Malayu ethnic population, ethnic expansion is something that cannot be avoided. There has been a division of the Malayu tribe into several ethnic fractions in various villages in Minangkabau, including:

Malayu Panai
Malayu Gadang
Malayu Gadang Ranatu Kataka (Lunang)
Malayu Gadang Kumbuang (Lunang)
Malayu Gantiang
Malayu Ampek Niniak (Four Grandmothers) (Solok South)
Malayu Ampek Paruik (Four Stomachs) (Solok South)
Malayu Bariang Ampek Paruik (Solok South)
Malayu Koto Kaciak Ampek Paruik (South Solok)
Malay Durian (Malay Rajo)
Malay Kecik (Small) (Lunang)
Malay Durian Limo Ruang (South Solok)
Malay Badarah Putiah,
Malay Baduak,
Malay Balai,
Malay Baruah,
Malay Bendang,
Malay Bongsu,
Malay Bosa,
Malayu Bungo,
Malayu Cikarau,
Malayu Gandang Perak,
Malayu Kumbuak Candi,
Malayu Kumbuak Harum,
Malayu Lampai,
Malayu Lua,
Malayu Panjang,
Malayu Patar,
Malayu Siat,
Malayu Talang,
Malayu Tobo,
Malayu Tongah (Tangah)

Relatives Among the tribes that belong to the Malay tribe group in Minangkabau are
: Panai
Tribe Kampai
Tribe Mandailiang Tribe

11. Bendang tribe

The Bendang tribe is one of the tribes (marga) that belongs to the Minangkabau ethnic group.
Etymologically, the word "bendang" comes from the word "benderang" which means bright, for example found in the idiom suluh bendang (bright lamp).

The Bendang tribe experienced division from the Minang tribe of West Sumatra into several tribes, namely:

Bendang tribe Ateh Bukik
Bendang tribe Rumah Baru,
Bendang tribe Salek
tribe Kampai Bendang tribe (in Solok Selatan)
Malayu tribe Bendang (in Bayang) Relatives

The closest relatives to the Bendang tribe are the Malayu tribe, the Panai tribe, the Kampai tribe and several other tribes.

12. The Panai Tribe

The Panai tribe belongs to the Malayu sub-ethnic group, which is part of the Minangkabau ethnic group. This tribe is also related to the Kampai and Bendang tribes, all of whom adhere to the Koto Piliang tradition and some also adhere to a mixture of the two Koto Piliang and Bodi Caniago traditions.

This tribe is widely found in the area of ​​South Solok Regency. This tribe also did a lot of tribal divisions.

13. Pitopang Tribe

The Pitopang tribe is one of the many tribes in Luhak Limo Puluh Koto and Riau (Kuantan, Kampar and Rokan regions). Sometimes this tribe is called Patapang, Petopang, Pitapang and Patopang. Maybe the origin of the word is Support which means Support or Support (Support / Support).

This tribe is widely spread in the district and city of Fifty Cities and Riau.
Traditional Leaders

14. Payobada

Tribe Piboda or Payobada tribes are one of the tribes or clans within the Minangkabau ethnic group, whose distribution is evenly distributed in the three Luhaks mentioned in Tambo, namely Luhak Tak nan Data or Tanah Datar, Luhak Agam, and Luhak Limo Puluah

. expansion like other Minang tribes, including the existence of the Tanjung Payobada tribe in the village of Koto Kaciak, Tanjung Raya District, Agam.

15. Panyalai Tribe

The Panyalai tribe is one of the tribes residing in Nagari Kuraitaji (now located in 2 autonomous regions, namely Padang Pariaman Regency and Pariaman City).
The Panyalai tribe has 4 parishes, namely:
Jingkaro Penghulu : Datu Basa
Subarang Ilia Penghulu : Datuk Penghulu Basa Pauh Penghulu
Pauh Penghulu : Datuk Majo Basa
Subarang ulu Penghulu : Datuk Saripado Gadang/Ketek

There are still many West Sumatran Minang tribes who do not have adequate information. Among them:

Tribe Mandailiang
Tribe Sipisang
Tribe Mandaliko
Tribe Sumagek
​​Tribe Dalimo
Tribe Simabua
Tribe Salo
Tribe Singkuang
Tribe Rajo Dani Tribe

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