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How to Write a Bibliography of Scientific Work

The components that must be included in this bibliography are as follows.
1. Author’s name,
By writing the last name first, then the first name. This applies to all names, both foreign names and Indonesian names. This way of writing applies internationally regardless of nationality and tradition. Scientific writing does not recognize the principle of a name that is better known in society, but rather the last name, regardless of whether the name is a family name or not.
For example:
Abdul Hamid written: Hamid, Abdul.
2. Year of publication,
3. Title
The written source concerned is underlined or italicized,
4. The city where the publisher is located,
5. Publisher name.

The first line starts from the first typing and the second line and so on is typed starting from the fifth typing or one tab in the computer. The distance between the first line and the next one is one space, while the distance between the first line and the next is two spaces.
Boediono. 1998. The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Education. Jakarta: UI Science and Technology Research Center.

Kartodirdjo, Suwiryo. 1987. Development Culture in Historical Perspective. Yogyakarta: Gadjah Mada UniversityPress.

How to Write a Bibliography Based on the Type of Source Used
1. Source from the journal
The writing of the journal as a bibliography follows the order: author’s last name, author’s first name, year of publication, article title (written between quotation marks), journal title underlined and written in full, volume number in Arabic numerals and underlined without being preceded by the abbreviation “vol” , the issue number (if any) in Arabic numerals and written between brackets, the page number from the first page number to the last page number without being preceded by the abbreviation “pp” or “h”.
Barrett. 1983. “The Emphaty Cycle: Refinement of A Nuclear Concept”. Journal of Counselling Psychology. 28 (2), 91 – 100.
2. Source from the book
If the written source is a book, then the order of writing is: author’s last name, first name, year of publication, book title underlined, edition, city of origin, publisher. Bibliography in the form of books is written by taking into account the following diversity.
– If the book is written by only one person:
Alisyahbana, Sutan Takdir. 1957. The History of the Struggle and Growth of the Indonesian Language. Jakarta: People’s Library.
– If the book is written by two people, then all names are written, the second author’s name does not need to be reversed.
Ekosusilo, Madyo and Bambang Triyanto. 1995. Guidelines for Writing Scientific Papers. Semarang: Dahara Prize.
– If the book is written by more than two people, use et.al. (italicized or underlined)
Ramlan, M. et al. 1993. Paragraph: Flow of Thoughts and Cohesiveness in Indonesian. Yogyakarta: Andi Offset.
– If the author is an editor:
Rubin, Joan dan Bjorn H. Jernudd (ed.). 1971. Can Language Be Planned? Honolulu: The University Press of Hawaii.
– If the source is written by a person in a collection of writings by many people:
Praise. 1984.
“Social Ethics in the Value System of the Indonesian Nation”, in Human Dialogue, Philosophy, Culture and Development. Malang: YP2LPM.
– If the book is an edition:
Gabriell. 1970. Children Growing Up: Development of Children’s Personality. (ed. 3). London: University of London Press.
3. If the source is outside of journals and books
– In the form of a thesis, thesis, or dissertation
Soelaeman, MI 1985. A Phenomenological Approach to Life and Education Situations in Families and Schools. Doctoral dissertation at FPS IKIP Bandung: no
– In the form of departmental publications
Department of Education and Culture. 1998. Instructions for Implementing Scholarships and Operational Assistance Funds. Jakarta: Depdikbud.
– In the form of Documents
Teacher Education Development Project. 1983. Teacher Education Development Project Assessment Report. Jakarta: Depdikbud.
– In the form of papers:
Kartadinata, S. 1989. “Professional Qualifications of Indonesian Guidance Officers: Psychological Studies”. Paper at the convention of seven IPBI, Denpasar.
– In the form of a newspaper
Sanusi, A. 1986. “Paying attention to the quality of education with the concept of piety and intelligence, straightening out the concept of learning in a qualitative sense.” People’s Mind (September 8, 1986).
4. If the source is from the Internet
The way of writing is: Author/editor. (Year). Title (edition), (type of medium).
Available: addresses on the Internet. [date accessed]
Thomson, A. (1998). The Adult and the Curriculum. (Online). Tersedia:http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/EPS/PESYearbook/1998/thompson.html [30 Maret 2000]

– If the article is in a journal
Author. (Year). Title. Journal Name [Type of Media], Volume (issue), pages. Available: addresses on the Internet. [date accessed]
Supriadi, D. (1999). Restructuring The Schoolbook Provision System in indonesia: Some Recent Initiatives. Dalam Educational Policy Analysis Archives [online]. Vol 7 (7), 12 halaman. Tersedia:http://epaa.asu.edu/epaa/v7n7.html [17 Maret 2000]
– If the article is in a magazine.
Author. (Year, date, month). Title. Magazine Name [Media Type], Volume, number of pages. Available: addresses on the Internet. [date accessed]
Goodstein, C. (1991, September). Healers from the deep. American Health [CD ROOM], 60-64. Tersedia: 1994 SIRS/SIRS 1992 Life Science/Article 08A [13 Juni 1995]
– If the article is in the newspaper
Author. (Year, date, month). Title. Name of Newspaper [Type of Media], number of pages. Available: addresses on the Internet. [date accessed]
Cipto, B. (2000, April 27). Due to Repeated Cabinet Reshuffles, the Foundations of Reform Can Collapse. Thoughts of the People [online], page 8. Available: http://www.mindrakyat.com [9 March 2000]
– When the message from e-mail
Sender (sender’s e-mail address). (Year, date, month.). Message Title. E-mail to the recipient. [recipient’s e-mail address].
Mustafa, Bachrudin (musthafa@indo.net.id). (2000, April 25). Chapter V Research Report. E-mail to Dedi Supriadi (supriadi@indo.net.id).

source: dedd

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