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Inventor of Coca Cola – John S. Pemberton

John S. Pemberton the Inventor of Coca Cola – Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink which is very well known around the world today. For more than a century, Coca Cola has maintained its popularity as a high-quality carbonated drink. Surely you are no stranger to this Coca Cola drink, right? When you look at last year's world cup, the one sponsoring the world cup is this Coca Cola. Coca Cola is indeed very popular and has very many profits per day. The distribution or sale of Coca Cola is very broad, covering 200 countries in the world, so it's not surprising if you usually encounter or maybe you can buy this Coca Cola drink at various stalls closest to your home.
John S. Pemberton The Inventor of Coca-Cola
At a fast food restaurant like KFC, you will definitely be offered a drink, now one of the drinks offered is Coca Cola. Coca Cola itself also has serious competitors, one of which is Pepsi. So who invented Coca Cola? He is John S. Pemberton. There is something interesting about the inventor of Coca Cola, the inventor of coca cola, namely Dr. John Stith Pemberton turns out to be a pharmacist by profession! He is a pharmacist from Atlanta, USA (United States of America). Dr. John Stith Pemberton created his first recipe, coke in 3 brass kettles which he practiced in his backyard. Dr. John Stith Pemberton then brought his "experimental" drink to Jacob's pharmacy and also started promoting it.

Then he added kola nuts to the drink. His initial goal of concocting coca and cola nuts was to treat headaches, but the concoction later produced extraordinary discoveries that led to the creation of the soft drink Coca-Cola. However, because of the temperance movement that emerged in the US, Pemberton soon realized that it was impossible for him to sell drinks containing alcohol. So, Pemberton began to work hard to find the right ingredients or mixes and of course not

contains alcohol.

Then around 1886, Pemberton succeeded in making the right concoction to become the "beta" (early stage) Coca-Coal drink recipe. The name Coca-Cola itself was suggested by his secretary, namely Frank Robinson. While Coca-Cola itself is taken from two words which are the main ingredients of this drink, namely coca leaves and kola nuts. It was Frank Robinson who later designed the Coca-Cola logo by choosing italics from the Coca-Cola writing which later became the most famous logo in the world.
For marketing Coca-Cola at first, John S. Pemberton appointed Chandler who was known to be smart in terms of marketing new products, and it didn't take long for Coca-Cola to dominate the soft drink market.

Statue of John S. Pemberton in America
Until now, the Coca-Cola company continues to introduce new variants of Coca-Cola drinks with various flavors. The composition of Coca-Cola itself is carbonated water, sugar, cola concentrate, caramel coloring, acidity regulator phosphoric acid, caffeine. Although many research results reveal the dangers of consuming Coca-Cola for health, many consumers still choose Coca-Cola as a drink to quench their thirst and make Coca-Cola the largest soft drink company in the world besides Pepsi.

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