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The Inventor Of Coffee And Its HistoryCoffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans and then ground into powder. Currently coffee is one of the commodities traded between countries.There are two varieties or types of coffee that are well known in the world, namely Robusta Coffee ( Coffea Canephore ) and Arabica Coffee ( Coffea Arabica ). But do you know who discovered coffee? How can Coffee be found? and How is the History of Coffee itself until now?
If we talk about the history of coffee beans and who discovered coffee for the first time, there are many stories that say that coffee was first discovered in the highlands of the Ethiopian region thousands of years ago.
People say that the first coffee inventor was a goat and its shepherd named Kaldi. He is thought to have lived around 800 BC
Kaldi realized the potential of coffee after watching his goat eat a type of berry and as a result the goat became very active as if he was drunk and didn't sleep at night. He then tried to make a drink mixed with coffee fruit, the results made him cheerful, active and awake at night.
He reported Kaldi's findings regarding the coffee fruit to the priests in his village. But the priests didn't believe what Kaldi said and threw the 'magic' fruit into the fire.
The aroma that comes from the coffee beans makes the priests interested. They then took the fruit from the fire and peeled the fruit after which they soaked it in hot water to keep it fresh.
The priests smelled the aroma coming from the coffee and tried to drink it. They then began to feel the effects that kept them awake during religious practices and so found the new drink to be very beneficial. Coffee is known to have a high caffeine content.
In general, many people think that the story is just a bird story. Many opinions believe that coffee was first developed in Ethiopia around the 9th century.
Coffee beans were then brought to the Arabian peninsula to be precise in Yemen to be developed around the 15th century. It was here that coffee began to spread to Europe, namely in Turkey. People say that in the past people chewed more coffee beans to produce a stimulant effect from the coffee.

margins: 5px 0px; text-align: left;"> But it was in Turkey that the process of processing coffee beans properly was first discovered. That started by roasting the coffee beans over a fire then smoothing them through a grinding process and brewing them with water.
Coffee drinks then became popular in the 15th century. But at that time there were also bans on drinking coffee issued by religious authorities such as in Arabia because of the effects of coffee. In Cairo, Egypt also happened a similar thing.

However, the ban was lifted by order of Sultan Selim I of the Ottoman Empire. But in the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire again banned coffee and punished those who opened coffee shops.

Coffee began to enter Europe in the 16th century through trade routes in Italy, France, Holland and England. However, the first rejection came from the Catholic church authorities in Europe. They think that coffee is a 'devil's drink' because of the stimulant effect it causes.

Even so, the Pope as the highest Catholic leader does not mind it. Scholars even assess that coffee drinks can increase or increase their thinking so that coffee becomes popular there, making the value of coffee exports from Yemen soar.
Coffee became known in America in the 17th century. At that time it was brought by a French Infantry Captain on his journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Coffee plants then began to spread quickly to Central and South America, especially Brazil.
Since then coffee began to spread throughout the world and became a major commodity in world trade. Many of the best coffee producing countries in the world come from Central and South America and from Africa such as Ethiopia which is where coffee was first discovered.

Since coffee was discovered in Ethiopia until now there are many types of coffee. However, the most famous are Robusta and Arabica coffees. There is also a type of coffee that is the most expensive in the world, namely Luwak coffee from Indonesia. Kopi Luwak is a unique type of coffee produced by the Luwak animal that eats coffee beans.

Who Invented the Coffee Maker First?

Many wonder who invented the first coffee maker. Regarding this, the answer is Melitta Bentz. He created the first coffee-making machine using a filter he made from blotting paper.

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